Play Multiplayer CSF using Hamachi.

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User Info: condorn1

8 years ago#1
Hi guys, CSF multiplayer mode was very fun. But unfortunately the internet server is now closed. But there is another way to play CSF online on Multiplayer. Here are some steps:

1.) You need a software called Hamachi. After installing it, you will be able to create or join networks under hamachi. Download the software at:

2.)Install Hamachi. After installation, hamachi will be added as a network in your network places. Make sure to allow hamachi in firewall and antivirus options to connect to the internet. Now configure its options. Go to prefences and select a nick name.

3.)Now click the button join network. Then here are the network details that you have to join:
Network Name: CSFWAN1
Network Password: 123
After joining the network you will be able to see other users who have joined this network. You can also chat with them and see their online status.

4.) Now to play any game online , start your game and select Multiplayer LAN. you will be connected to Hamachi joined network.

5.)You can also create your own networks and invite your friends to join your network. Thus you can play multiplayer mode for any game with your friends, without accepting the fact that they are millions of miles away from you.

If you need any help.

googletalk and email:
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