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User Info: Lunne89

9 years ago#1
I recommend getting it.

User Info: UncleRogi

9 years ago#2
Oh bum, I just paid 8 quid for it off Ebay!

Where were you 2 weeks ago!! :0

I agree with the recommendation it is a good game.


Be Warned if you have Windows VISTA one of the levels (Hopper Level) does not work on Window's Vista, and as the game was never released for Vista there won't be a support pack.

The level runs like a pig and is almost unplayable (like a slide show) but I've made it through, and the remaining levels run just fine (even levels like the Hopper e.g the Train level). It is a weird bug. I've checked the Developer pages and they offer no solution (that works) even running the game in Windows XP compatability mode doesn't work ;(
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  3. This game is free at Gametap

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