Useless Abilities and Units?

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User Info: guiltygearfan

7 years ago#1

As much as I enjoy this game, I've found several abilities that are of questionable utility. The biggest offender is Devouring--25 damage and 0 hp in return? I thought it was a typo at first, but sure enough it actually seems to be that pointless. Another ability is the Fiend's Poison Strike ability--the text is butchered, but I think it does 75 damage per turn for four turns (or 300 damage total). That would be nice if the Fiend didn't inflict almost as much damage per turn. Since the ability has the same range as his attack, I've almost never found a use for it (it's useful against Werewolves, but at that kind of damage you might as well just retreat).

There aren't many useless units, but I can't figure out why you should pick the Abyssal Devil instead of the Overlord. He has no special abilities, far lower health, inflicts (slightly) less damage, and overall has lower stats. A few of his resistances are better, but they aren't amazing, and he has a higher dexterity, but without knowing the formula I can't determine how much more likely he is to crit. If the crit rate is high enough, the Abyssal Devil could easily eclipse the Overlord in average damage output. I'm going to experiment with the Abyssal Devil (I'm on a campaign mission that eventually just gives you an Overlord, so I'll be able to compare the two on the battlefield), but any feedback would be appreciated.

Also, I assume "Warrior of Light," "Child of the Sun, "Night Hunter," etc. are passive abilities that improve units during specific times of the day. Anyone got some input about how much difference these skills make?

User Info: clowning

7 years ago#2
but I think it does 75 damage per turn for four turns (or 300 damage total). That would be nice if the Fiend didn't inflict almost as much damage per turn

Some units have high armor and the damage done is much lower. In those cases poison is more valuable. It is not the most valuable skill, though, that's true.

Yeah, I don't understand devouring either, it never really seems to do anything. It probably needs to get fixed in a patch.

I think the Abyssal has higher Dex, I'm not sure off the top of my head. Higher Dex makes it easier to score crits.
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User Info: Valacan

7 years ago#3
Poison is also good for werewolves and the like that are immune to weapons.

User Info: jtb1924

7 years ago#4
About poison: Yes, the first turn the damage is the same, but on the next couple of turns you'll use a normal attack for damage and they'll still suffer poison damage. Therefore, they take extra damage for a few turns.
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User Info: akkmok

7 years ago#5

Taken from Kalypso's Official Disciples 3 forum: Child of the Sun Increases Intellect by 10 during daytime. Night Hunter Increases Agility by 10 during Night. Warrior of Light Increases Strength by 10 during daytime. Devouring Does 25% of normal attack and heals 100 health. Melee only. Poisonous Strike Does 75 Death damage to an enemy for 3 turns. Melee only.

User Info: akkmok

7 years ago#6

Sorry about the spacing...I had it lined up nicely in Quick Reply...then made the mistake of clicking Preview which seems to have removed all the formatting.

User Info: zz1000zz

7 years ago#7
I just want to say, as a Legions fan, Devour is amazing.

User Info: aamfirdaus

7 years ago#8
Anyone knows how many times one can use abilities?

I know my mage can summon infinite golems...
But can Lambert transform enemies into villagers more than three times? or invincibility every turn?

User Info: zz1000zz

7 years ago#9
That depends on the ability, and even the unit using it. For example, Devour can only be used by Imps once, but it can be used twice by Molochs. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a list anywhere which tells you how many times they can be used.

One thing I've noticed is sometimes the first unit to act in a battle can't use any activated abilities. I haven't seen any pattern as to when it happens, but it can make things harder at times. Has anyone else had this happen?

User Info: golobocanin

7 years ago#10

To me, dont no why. Also I dont know how many times I can use for example paralyze ability. I use for four turns paralyze , then turn five I cant use it and turn six here it is I can use it again. I dont understand. Its so random. And yes sometimes I cant use ability in first turn.

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