the city is confusing

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User Info: aamfirdaus

7 years ago#1
I happen to be at chapter IV. I just captured a city. I want to upgrade my city, though, it changed into elven city... And I don't know in which city it is....

I then hired a hero (elf) to see in which city he is. But then the hero was not displayed on the screen.

How can this happen? I can't upgrade my units, and I can't even switch the city.
Please help.

Thanks in advance.

User Info: Sharkman8

7 years ago#2
think that's another bug. i had that too. sometimes when the enemy builds a building in their capital, the city rotator widget at the top right switches over to showing their cities, meaning you can take a look at what they've built but you can't build anything in your own capital. either move a stack into your capital which will bring up the capital in unit view mode, and from there you can navigate to the right construct building screen, or save and reload, which seems to reset the city rotator widget at the top right to your own cities again (until the enemy builds another building)

User Info: SpacemanSpiff01

7 years ago#3
This is a bug.
A workaround is to save your game and reload it and then enter the citiy if this city switching bug happens (cumbersome).
The easier way is to get the patch (provided on kalypso media´s website/forum or via your digital download provider) which removes this bug.

User Info: aamfirdaus

7 years ago#4
I just found out.

In an open area, click city on the top right of the screen (not after you click build) to switch to a city you desire to build. And you can build that city.

Clicking build in a nearby town will make it bugged. SO, try to click the capital/city before clicking the build icon.

Thanks guy.

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