Who should I use Metis's Tome on?

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  3. Who should I use Metis's Tome on?

User Info: SundarkSoldier

9 years ago#1
I'm thinking Vanesssa, so that she can be as strong as Tana when she's promoted. She's level 16 right now, and I want her and Gerik promoted before I do the next chapter.
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User Info: Da_money124

9 years ago#2
What does it do?
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User Info: celltf

9 years ago#3
I usually use it on someone who has a lot of levels to gain.

What does it do?

It increases a character's growth rates by 5%.
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User Info: SSJDennis

9 years ago#4
If you didn't bother with him yet, give it to Ewan. That is what I always do. Make him a Druid after(or Super Pupil if you like).
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User Info: fudrick

9 years ago#5
Um use it on Gheb hello
wow thanks for creating this topic now i'll know where to find you in 4 months
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User Info: Haiacim

9 years ago#6
Ewan, Amelia, or Ross if you did not start on them

User Info: Heretic9

9 years ago#7
Give it to your lowest level character, which will probably be Ewan, Ross, or Amelia. Which is good because they gain the most levels, thus can put the tome to greatest use.
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User Info: Kikase

9 years ago#8
Don't use it. Let it rot in storage like the rest 1 time items >.>
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  3. Who should I use Metis's Tome on?

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