druid or summoner...?

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User Info: LockeFF

9 years ago#1
I was wondering...what's better...a druid or a summoner...in some faqs it says that druids are an amazing class and taht summoner's suck do to is stats and weak summons.........but in another it says that druids are a waste of time and summoners are excellent beacuse of summons so...............who's best!?
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User Info: Ephidel88

9 years ago#2
Ewan rocks as a Druid, and Knoll's good as a Summoner. The Druid's caps (as I understand it) are just far better suited to Ewan, if you choose to go the Shaman route with him. Knoll's stats are so average, he's gonna be about the same as a Druid or a Summoner, so you might as well go Summoner and get a new ability.

User Info: LockeFF

9 years ago#3
"watch the wind as it moves along,a forward push is right to stand strong,In this Word,HIS WORLD!" ....Bangaa are not lizzardss....

User Info: BlackKnight92

9 years ago#4

If you're doing CC, then:


Lyon's phantoms are the strongest out of the 3 possibilities. The reason I said Druid is because you can actually USE Knoll if you raise/max his stats. Then he becomes as good as Ewan.(And Summoners' stats phail compared to Druids')
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User Info: what_is_my_name

9 years ago#5
Only problem I have with Ewan being druid is his color.

Red/Blue druid looks...strange.

User Info: jkjklkl

9 years ago#6
That's why you're supposed to make him a Super Pupil for CC/LA.
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User Info: Nichtcrawler X

Nichtcrawler X
9 years ago#7
But white/orange druids rule.
It's just unfortunate one has to hack to obtain one.

User Info: Kanthaka

9 years ago#8
Druid. Step away from summoners.
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User Info: Chadius

9 years ago#9
Phantoms are great at

-baiting enemies into traps
-stalling against chasing enemies
-xp stream... >.>

All that said, Ewan's a better Druid. Knoll doesn't care, may as well make him a summoner.

User Info: Kirsz

9 years ago#10
Summoners are awesome utility. THE PHANTOMS ARE GOOD BAIT, if your mages/low hp characters are exposed.

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