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User Info: WannabeNinja

5 years ago#1
Is it just me or is the first level the worst in this game?
Its not the issue of killing children I'm cool with that and they're trying to kill you. Its that they take too much damage until they die. It took like 4 shots of a shotgun on a single kid. The original was fun because it had a lot of enemies and they died quickly. And the butcher was a stupid puzzle...or its just too hard to see is your bullets working or not. Some kind of a shield that bounced everything off would have been nice.

And the nun. How much play testing was done to see if it was obvious that you had to burn the nun. Some change to her behaviour would have been nice instead of a dim haze coming off from her.

But afterwards it gets better. Only the Colosseum boss puzzle was stupid. It didn't make any SENSE! And why they had to do the boring cave mission twice?! Did they really run out of ideas?

But overall this did add a lot of new enemies that were pretty fun to watch and fight. I liked the voodoo priests and the WW2 map was a nice homage. And all the other maps were pretty unique and fun to play.

All in all. It comes with the original in the Black edition and it doesn't have to shame at all.
Gamertag: Shinooby
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