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1. Making Walda laugh/Phrase at Rustboro City
2. Which types run off of Attack and Special Attack
3. Linking Guide
4. Hoenn Pokemon that Emerald must trade for
5. How to Mix Records/Getting the Eon Ticket into Emerald
6. [US] Nintendo Events and completing the National ‘dex
7. Breeding
8. Raising Happiness
9. Evolution Stones and Shards
10. Individual Values [IVs]
11. Effort Values [EVs]
12. Ninjask and Shedinja
13. Finding Feebas and evolving it into Milotic
14. Evolving Eevee into an Espeon/Umbreon
15. Regirock, Regice, and Registeel/The Sealed Chamber
16. The weather ubers: Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza
17. The New/Extended Safari Zone
18. The Light Ball
19. Changes from Ruby/Sapphire in Emerald
20. Lilycove's Museum, the Paintings, and the Master Contest
21. The Pomeg Glitch
22. The Emerald Cloning Glitch
PiperStarfireGilmore 10 years ago#2
1. Making Walda laugh/Phrase at Rustboro City

To make your wallpaper, go here: http://www.filb.de/games/gba/emerald/word.php
If it doesn't re-direct you, then you can also try here: http://www.filb.de/?site=games/gba/emerald/word

2. Which types run off of Attack and Special Attack

Attack: Bug, Fighting, Flying, Ghost, Ground, Normal, Poison, Rock, Steel
SpAtt: Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fire, Grass, Ice, Psychic, Water

3. Linking Guide

Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, Colosseum (Gamecube), XD: Gale of Darkness (Gamecube), and Box (Gamecube) versions of Pokemon can all trade with one another after meeting specific requirements to trade in each game. However, you can battle using the above games well before meeting the trade requirements for those games that do allow for battles.

Additionally, Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal versions have no trade compatibilities with the Pokemon games mentioned above.

When trading with a cable, remember to use a GBA Cable to link between GBA games. The GBC Cable will not work to trade between GBA games.

For a side by side comparison, here’s a picture of both cables:
The left cable is an official GBA Link Cable, notable by the box in the middle.
The right cable is an official GB(C) Link Cable, otherwise known as the Universal Cable, which will not work for trades with GBA games.

When trading wirelessly, both players must have the wireless adapters attached. This method for trades only works with FireRed, LeafGreen and Emerald versions.

Note: You cannot use a DS to trade between copies of GBA games.

*Before the National 'dex:
Em can trade Hoenn Pokemon ONLY with Ru/Sa as soon as both games have the first 'dex and at least two Pokemon in the party. Eggs cannot be traded at this time.

Em can also trade with a completed Col file to get any Pokemon traded into the game as long as Em has the 'dex and at least two Pokemon in the party.

*With the National 'dex:
Em can freely trade for any Pokemon and Eggs from any game provided:
-The other game is Ru/Sa
-The other copy of Em has the National 'dex
-FR/LG has fixed the Network Machine side-quest on One Island.
-Col/XD has completed the main storyline
-The other game is Box, as long as Em has at least 100 Pokemon logged in its 'dex

4. Hoenn Pokemon that Emerald must trade for

Surskit/Masquerain (Ru/Sa/XD), Meditite/Medicham (Ru/Sa/Col/XD), Roselia (Ru/Sa/XD), Lunatone (Sa/XD), Zangoose (Ru/XD)

5. How to Mix Records/Getting the Eon Ticket into Emerald

This can only be done between copies of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald games.

First, reach Mauville for this feature to be unlocked. Go to the second floor of any Pokemon Center to begin mixing records (directions for each game below). Enter the room and use the machine to Mix Records.

In Ruby/Sapphire, go to the Record Corner on the far right.
In Emerald, go to the Direct Corner on the far right and choose the Record Corner option.

To get an Eon Ticket to appear in an Em file, the Ru/Sa file you're using to mix records with must have an original, scanned in Eon Ticket via the e-Reader and e-Card in their file that has not already been passed to 5 other games. Let the Ru/Sa file with the ticket be Player 1 when mixing. The Eon Ticket cannot be passed from any other game save a Ru/Sa file with a legit Eon Ticket.

Note: The Aurora Ticket, Mystic Ticket and Old Sea Map cannot be sent to another game by mixing.
PiperStarfireGilmore 10 years ago#3
6. [US] Nintendo Events and completing the National ‘dex

Nintendo Events are real life events hosted by Nintendo. Bring your game and GBA system with you to the public location specified on pokemon.com when an event is announced and you can catch a rare Pokemon, or are traded one, depending on the event. With all current events, it is now possible to legally complete all 386 entries in the National ‘dex.

Mew – Most Toys R Us locations on Sept. 30, 2006
Celebi – Journey Across America, Summer 2006
Lugia and Ho-oh – Pokemon Rocks America, Summer 2005; also in Col/XD respectively
Deoxys – Pokemon Rocks America, Summer 2004; Houston Space Center Event 2006

7. Breeding

"They don't seem to like each other very much."
Egg produced ~19.8% of the time every 256 steps. Caused by both parents having the same OT data and being a different species. This is the slowest Egg production rate.

"The two prefer to play with other Pokemon than each other."
Will never produce an Egg. Caused most often by having the same gender parents in the Daycare, or trying to breed Pokemon not in the same Egg group.

"The two seem to get along."
Egg produced ~49.5% of the time every 256 steps. Message due to having matching OT data and being the same species or having different OT data and being different species.

"The two seem to get along very well."
Egg produced ~69.3% of the time every 256 steps. Message due to both parents having different OT data and being the same species. Best Egg rate.

8. Raising Happiness
EV Reducing berries and vitamins are the quickest way to raise happiness.
Next is leveling up, which can also be done through Rare Candies.
Then comes usage in a Gym or E4 battle.
The slowest method is walking.

Attach a Soothe Bell to increase some happiness gains, found at Slateport's
Pokemon Fan Club from an NPC at the back.

9. Evolution Stones and Shards

Below are the locations of various evolution stones. Alternatively, you can trade a shard with the shard collector at a house West of Mossdeep to pick up additional evolution stones. You can find a limited number of shards on the ocean floor or you can catch/Thief/Covet/Trick with one of the wild Pokemon who hold a shard to possibly get more shards to trade for. Make sure the Pokemon that’s taking the item isn’t holding an item itself.

Water Stone: Abandoned Ship
Blue Shard: 5% hold item on wild Clamperl

Fire Stone: Fiery Path
Red Shard: 5% hold item on wild Corsola

Thunderstone: New Mauville
Yellow Shard: 5% hold item on wild Chinchou

Leaf Stone: Rte 119
Green Shard: 5% hold item on wild Relicanth

Moon Stone: Meteor Falls

Sun Stone: Mossdeep's Space Center or 5% hold item on wild Solrock

10. Individual Values [IVs]

Think of IVs as the genes of a Pokemon. This is what makes Pokemon within the same species and similar nature have varied stats.

They range from 0-31 for each stat. Basically, the higher your IVs are, the better your Pokemon can be, since each additional IV provides a bonus to its respective stat.

You can also get a rough estimate using the Battle Frontier IV Rater, just North of the Pokemon Center at the Battle Frontier.

IV Total
0 to 90 average ability
91 to 120 better than average ability
121 to 150 quite impressive in ability!
151 to 186 wonderfully outstanding in ability!

Best IV
0 to 15 That stat is relatively good.
16 to 25 That stat is quite impressive.
26 to 30 That stat is outstanding!
31 It’s flawless! A thing of perfection!

To calculate your IVs, use one of the following IV calculators:
PiperStarfireGilmore 10 years ago#4
11. Effort Values [EVs]

In essence, EVs are "learned" battle experience. By fighting and beating Pokemon proficient in a certain stat, your Pokemon "gains" some of that defeated Pokemon's "specialty." Every four (4) EVs your Pokemon gains is equivalent to an additional IV. The method of beating specific Pokemon for their EVs is what is typically known as EV training.

To gain EVs from a battle, you have to gain Experience. If you don't gain any Exp, then you don't gain any EVs from that fight. Vice versa, if you gain Exp from the fight, you will gain EVs, provided neither of the caps are met yet, which will be explained in the next paragraph. Note that this means Level 100 Pokemon cannot gain EVs.

The maximum EVs a specific stat can have is 255. However, since this isn't divisible by 4, the maximum typically used is 252, which gives an additional 63 "IVs"/extra points to a stat. The total, overall maximum EVs a Pokemon can have is 510. Note that you won't be able to effectively judge how well this is working by looking at the level up summary screen. Each vitamin adds 10 EVs to your stat provided there are strictly less than 100 EVs total in that stat, as well as the Pokemon's total EVs are less than 510, the maximum EVs a Pokemon can have. In Emerald, there are berries that increase happiness as well as reduce EVs for a specific stat by 10 points, like a "negative vitamin," so to speak.

List of vitamins and its corresponding EV reducing berry:
HP: HP Up / #21 Pomeg
Att: Protein / #22 Kelpsy
Def: Iron / #23 Qualot
SpAtt: Calcium / #24 Hondew
SpDef: Zinc / #25 Grepa
Speed: Carbos / #26 Tamato

Common places to EV train in-game:
HP: Rusturf Tunnel. Whismur gives 1 HP EV.
Att: Inside Mt. Pyre. Shuppet gives 1 Att EV.
Def: Magma Hideout. Torkoal and Graveler give 2 Def EVs, Geodude 1 Def EV.
SpAtt: Rte 113. Spinda gives 1 SpAtt EV.
SpDef: Abandoned Ship. Tentacruel gives 2 SpDef EVs, Tentacool 1 SpDef EV.
Speed: Altering Cave. Zubat gives 1 Spd EV.

There are two methods to double the EVs gained via battling by your Pokemon. One way is to be infected by Pokerus, the other is to hold the Macho Brace. These two effects can be stacked, yielding an x4 to EVs earned via battling.

Pokerus has two stages: infectious and dormant.
In its infectious stage, you'll see "PKRS" on the status window. It's at this point that you can spread Pokerus to other Pokemon in your party simply by having it in your party while you battle. At midnight, if any Pokemon with an infectious Pokerus is in your party, it enters its dormant phase, where it cannot be spread; notable by a dot on the summary screen. To avoid this, deposit your Pokemon with an active Pokerus in the PC. Note that since FireRed and LeafGreen do not have a clock, it cannot be spread there.

The Macho Brace can be received at Winistrate Manor, North of Mauville. This only affects your Speed in battle, acting like your Pokemon is paralyzed. It does not lower the number of Speed EVs the wearer gains. Think of it as if your Pokemon were weight training; once it's been removed, your Pokemon reverts to its normal speed with the benefits of training.
PiperStarfireGilmore 10 years ago#5
12. Ninjask and Shedinja

Nincada normally evolves into Ninjask, but if you have an empty space in your party, when Nincada evolves, you’ll also get Shedinja along with Ninjask’s evolution. A spare Pokeball is not necessary to have Shedinja appear in your party.

Shedinja copies everything about Ninjask, from its IVs, earned EVs, nature, moveset and shinyness, and applies it using Shedinja’s base stats. Shedinja’s ability, Wonderguard, cannot be Skill Swapped; the ability only allows Shedinja to be hit by attacks super effective to it, as well as being damaged by weather/field effects and status conditions.

13. Finding Feebas and evolving it into Milotic

Feebas is found by fishing in 6 random water tiles along Rte 119, West of Fortree. To clarify, a "tile" is the square that your character steps in on land. The same "square" applies on the water while Surfing.

To find Feebas, the best advice that anyone can give is to be patient. Other than that, use any Rod to systematically check each tile 3-5 times. Remember that it’s the tile that you’re fishing into that you’re checking, not the tile that you’re Surfing on top of. The Old Rod is suggested to lower the number of "bite" messages you have to get through, while the Super Rod is suggested to EV train Attack since Carvanahs tend to get hooked. Choosing which Rod to use is your preference.

Once you find and catch Feebas, head to Lilycove to make Pokeblocks to increase its Beauty to evolve it. The best Berry to use for Beauty Pokeblocks is the Ganlon berry, which is available on about half of the Jirachis that are transferred to you from the Col bonus disc, as well as Ganlons being purchasable in Col or XD.

Other recommended berries, in order of general effectiveness, are:
#32 Pamtre, #27 Cornn, #24 Hondew, #22 Kelpsy, #17 Bluk, and #12 Wiki.

2/3 of max Beauty is required to evolve Feebas into Milotic; level Feebas up and it will evolve with enough Beauty points. Using primarily either Chesto or Oran berries to increase Beauty will not give Feebas enough Beauty points to evolve.

14. Evolving Eevee into an Espeon/Umbreon

Trade an Eevee (or one of its evolutions, then breed) from FireRed, LeafGreen, Colosseum, or XD: Gale of Darkness into an Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire game. Get your Eevee's happiness sufficiently high enough by using what’s outlined in Section 8.

If you bring Eevee to the happiness rater in Verdanturf, when she says "It seems to be very happy," then your Eevee is close to, if not already ready, to evolve; "It adores you," guarantees an evolution upon its next level up.

The times for Eevee to evolve into Espeon are the PM hours.
The times for Eevee to evolve into Umbreon are the AM hours.
PiperStarfireGilmore 10 years ago#6
15. Regirock, Regice, and Registeel/The Sealed Chamber

Before beginning, make sure you have Wailord, Relicanth and someone who can use Dig in your party. If you already used/deleted/sold TM28 Dig, then you'll have to raise a Nincada to Lvl 45 or Trapinch to Lvl 41, letting neither of them evolve, when both of them naturally learn Dig. If you can get a Diglett in your game, all the better; it naturally learns Dig at Lvl 17.

To get to the Sealed Chamber, keep to the Southern most current until you get to a "water island," taking you from Rte 133 to Rte 134. Take three steps North from the Southern most end of that "water island" and Surf into the current to find the Dive spot.

Arrange your party to have Wailord in the first slot and Relicanth in the last spot. Read the first bit of Braille, then use Dig to open the path. Read the next bit of Braille to open the Regi chambers.

The Desert Ruins on Rte 111's desert houses Regirock.
Read the center of the Braille, then take two (2) steps South/down, followed by two (2) steps West/left, and use Rock Smash.

The Island Cave on Rte 105 houses Regice.
Read the Braille and take one clockwise lap around the room, hugging the wall.

The Ancient Tomb on Rte 120 houses Registeel.
Read the Braille, go to the middle of the room and use Flash.

16. The weather ubers: Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza

In Emerald, you can catch Rayquaza before beating the E4 and both Groudon and Kyogre after beating the E4.

Rayquaza is in the Sky Pillar, just East of Pacifidlog. You'll need the Mach Bike and some reflexes on your part to speed past the cracked floors to reach the top. The only advice anyone can give to get up the Pillar and its cracked floors is to practice.

Groudon can be found in a cave that spawns on Rte 114, 115, 116 or 118. Check with the Weather Institute on Rte 119 to learn which route has unusual sun shining.

Kyogre can be found in a dive spot that spawns on Rte 105, 125, 127 or 129. Check with the Weather Institute on Rte 119 to learn which route has the heavy rain.

17. The New/Extended Safari Zone
You can reach this new area only after beating the E4. You’ll primarily find Pokemon from the GSC era here. Go around the entrance to the North, then head East. If you get lost, here’s a map:

18. The Light Ball
The Light Ball comes attached 5% of the time to wild Pikachu in the Safari Zone. There are two main tactics to finding a Light Ball in Emerald: Using Static or using Compoundeyes.

Pokemon with the Static ability (like Pikachu), when at the front of your party, have a secondary effect of drawing wild Electric type Pokemon into battle. By raising Pikachu’s encounter rate through Static, you’ll encounter more Pikachu to catch, reducing your time searching for one.

Pokemon with the Compoundeyes ability (like Nincada), when at the front of your party, have a secondary effect that raises wild hold item rates. Using this, you may find more Pikachu holding items.

The Light Ball can be used to breed for a Pichu that knows Volt Tackle. Attach the Light Ball to a Pikachu, place it in the Daycare and make sure that the resulting Egg will be a Pichu; either use a male and female Pikachu, or a Pikachu with a Ditto, or a female Pikachu with a male that’s breeding-wise compatible.
PiperStarfireGilmore 10 years ago#7
19. Changes from Ruby/Sapphire in Emerald
This is a list of all changes in Emerald, courtesy of Jiggy37 and imperfectluck
-New outfits for Brendan and May
-Redone graphics in some areas
-Phone system similar to G/S/C
-Gym leader rematches including Pokemon from all generations
-Fight both Team Magma (in a new base) and Team Aqua
-A new section of the Safari Zone with about 40 Johto Pokemon
-Get one of the Johto starters after filling the Hoenn Dex
-New 8th gym leader
-New champion
-New level 70+ battle after the Elite 4
-2-on-2 battles where you join up with an AI partner
-2-on-2 battles where the opponents actually combine their teams instead of just using them like one (e.g. if Trainer 1 has three Pokemon and Trainer 2 has three Pokemon, you can knock out all of Trainer 1's Pokemon in a row and Trainer 2 won't be able to send out two Pokemon at once to fill in the gap)
-Changes to most gyms to add far more battles, and some layout changes (namely Flannery's and Liza and Tate's)
-Catch both Kyogre and Groudon at level 70
-Pick which one of Latias and Latios you want to catch in the wild
-Nintendo-sponsored events can unlock Lugia, Ho-oh, and Mew
-FR/LG move tutors that you can pay to use again
-G/S/C move tutors that you can pay to use again
-Several traits now do different things on the map screen (Magnet Pull draws more wild Steel-types, Intimidate draws more high-level wild Pokemon, Compoundeyes makes wild Pokemon more likely to hold items)
-You can hatch eggs in half the time if you have a Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armor in your team
-You can pass down natures through breeding by attaching an Everstone to the Ditto (which is now catchable in this game) or female Pokemon
-Pick Up now gets different things depending on your level and can get, among other things, Earthquake, Focus Punch, Rest, and Leftovers
-Compatible with the wireless adapter
-Some berries reduce EVs when eaten, so that you can fix EV training if you have to

-The Battle Frontier, which is the Battle Tower (with the new 2-on-2 battles as an option) plus six brand new types of tournaments:
-The Battle Tube, where you wander through some random rooms and fight random trainers and random wild Pokemon and random status conditions are sometimes put on you
-The Battle Pyramid, where you wander through dark mazes, pick up random items on the ground, and fight high-leveled, fully-evolved Pokemon (we're talking like Jolteon and Gengar here) to light up the room so you can get out
-The Battle Dome, a 16-person tournament
-The Battle Arena, where you're not judged on whether you win, but on percentage of health remaining and on accuracy
-The Battle Palace, where your Pokemon select random moves of their own depending on their natures
-The Battle Factory, where you get random teams with perfect stats and good-to-great movesets, fight against random teams with perfect stats and good-to-great movesets, and get to pick one Pokemon from the opponent's team each time you win (Pokemon go up to tier 3 (excluding Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi), so while you might get, say, Latias, Suicune, or Zapdos, you won't get, say, Kyogre or Mewtwo)

Credit to imperfectluck and Jiggy37. Direct copy/paste from the previous in-game FAQ topic.
PiperStarfireGilmore 10 years ago#8
20. Lilycove's Museum, the Paintings, and the Master Contest

Just West of Lilycove's department store you may have noticed a museum. Inside, on the second floor, the owner asks you to find paintings to fill the room with. If you examined the frames, you'll notice they're colored; in fact, they're the same colors corresponding to the contests in Lilycove's Contest Hall.

If you've guessed what you have to do, then you'll know you'll need to get your Pokemon painted.

Winning the Master Rank contest with a high overall score for each contest does this. To be exact, you'll need at least 800 points, and a win, for your Pokemon to be painted. One third of all your points come from primary judging, and two thirds of your points come from the appeals round.

By using the pinch berries (#36 Liechi - #40 Apicot) to raise both your primary and secondary contest stats, you should already have 591 * (1/3 weight) points, which is about a quarter of the necessary points, giving you a significant advantage. You should see about 8 hearts pop up in the crowd here. What's left is gaining 905 points in the appeals round.

To "maximize" your contests stats, for each Contest, use for...
Cool/Spicy/Red - 4 Liechis for Primary, 4 Apicots for Secondary
Beauty/Dry/Blue - 4 Ganlons for Primary, 4 Liechis for Secondary
Cute/Sweet/Pink - 4 Salacs for Primary, 4 Ganlons for Secondary
Smart/Bitter/Green - 4 Petayas for Primary, 4 Salacs for Secondary
Tough/Sour/Yellow - 4 Apicots for Primary, 4 Petayas for Secondary

For the appeals round, you'll need some luck on your side. Do your best to get combos and get the crowd excited, while keeping your opponents from doing the same. Both Smeargle and Claydol are recommended for Contests.
PiperStarfireGilmore 10 years ago#9
21. The Pomeg Glitch

First discovered here by the user SolidSnakeXD. In a nutshell, this allows a Pokemon to enter "negative" HP, which can later be used to train a Pokemon inside an Egg.

You’ll first need a Pokemon at least Lvl 34; the higher the better. It needs to be EV trained in HP; enough so, when fed a Pomeg Berry, its max HP will drop by at least 2.

Once you can meet that condition, drop that Pokemon’s HP down to 1 by whatever means you can think of. Most would get Poisoned, then start walking around with Poison damage until you reach 1 HP, but there are other methods, like Endure. When you’re at 1 HP, clear your status (if any), then feed the Pokemon a Pomeg Berry. It should have ?35/max HP in its HP display.

From here, things get interesting. If you simply want to activate the Pomeg Glitch, then you’re done. The true HP is 65535 when glitched, acting like that number in Water Spout/Eruption damage calculations. Note that Shedinja is not eligible since you can’t increase its HP.

Now, to get an Egg to battle, make sure the only Pokemon you have on your team are the glitched Pokemon and the Egg you wish to battle (to simplify the explanations). Lead with the glitched Pokemon and get into an easy battle, preferably a wild Pokemon battle that you can win with one hit. Win, then switch the Egg and glitched Pokemon’s places and use an HP restoring item (such as a Potion or an Oran Berry) on the glitched Pokemon to make the glitched Pokemon faint. Get into a battle and the Egg will be sent out. Note, that you will whiteout if you don’t use a Revive on the glitched Pokemon before you win the battle with the Egg.

You’ll notice the Egg gains Experience when you win. This Experience is carried over with the Egg, allowing you to level up, level-evolve and even learn level-up moves while in the Egg. This is where a Secret Base full of Lvl 100 Memento Latios will help you gain Experience. When you hatch the Egg, it will hatch at Lvl 5, have no EVs and will keep its form and moves from the Egg.

The other thing this can do is get Missingno. into a battle. Setup a Pokemon to have ?35 HP and enter a battle; switch your Pokemon for another in your party during the fight (the glitched Pokemon doesn’t need to see battle at all), preferably one in the last slot. Except for the glitched Pokemon, deposit all Pokemon/Eggs in the PC. Use an HP restoring item to make the glitched Pokemon faint. Enter a battle and you’ll send Missingono. out; this happens because the game sends out the last slot that a valid Pokemon was used in. Since you no longer have any valid Pokemon to battle with, you send out Missingno. If Missingno. gets hit, you whiteout.

22. The Emerald Cloning Glitch

First discovered by Alex33 over at Pokemon-France. This can only be accessed through the Battle Frontier's Battle Tower, which is available after the E4.

0. Beat the E4 in Emerald so the Battle Frontier is accessible.
1. Deposit all Pokemon you want to clone in Lanette's/Someone's PC.
2. Attach all items that you want to clone to your Pokemon in the PC.
3. Save.
4. Withdraw any items/Pokemon you wish to clone. Do not deposit.
5. Go to the Battle Frontier's Battle Tower and talk to the Wireless attendant on the far right.
6. Enter any two eligible Pokemon.
7. Say "Yes" when she asks "Before entering a BATTLE ROOM, your progress..."
8. Note here that a short one to two second pause occurs.
9. Reset the game when she asks "Would you like to save the game?"

The partial save created at step 8 saves everything but what happens in the PC boxes. So you can't make one-time Move Tutors reusable or continually recatch stationary legendary Pokemon with this glitch.

Additionally, you can go here for more information, along with pictures:
Credit to hotdogturtle

User Info: hotdogturtle

10 years ago#10
Lugia and Ho-oh – Pokemon Rocks America, Summer 2005; also in Col/XD respectively

You got the order wrong >_>
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