Pokemon that can learn flash?

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User Info: ccccran

9 years ago#1
Just got the second badge, what pokemon at this part of the game can learn flash? I keep catching different pokemon but none can learn it. Thanks!

User Info: thompsontalker7

9 years ago#2
Abra is a early good choice for Flash.
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User Info: theKirbinator2

9 years ago#3
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User Info: Ultimate_Nova_X

9 years ago#4

Pick one you can catch for now.

User Info: Shadow_Roxas_

9 years ago#6
Banjo Kazooie for Brawl! (even if Microsoft is selfish)
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User Info: Goliath_unit

9 years ago#7

nincada is my choice.

damn flash. hate flash. has to suck so bad. why do all hm moves suck so much? (except for surf and fly)

User Info: Fireray25

9 years ago#8
Oddish and Shroomish can both learn "Flash".
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