What is a good electric type pokemon?

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User Info: Gameslayer3

9 years ago#1
I was thinking that magnanmite thing (spelled wrong I bet). I am at the 3 rd gym so what would be good?

User Info: gbchaosmaster

9 years ago#2
Any of the ones available to you is good.
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User Info: Gameslayer3

9 years ago#3
Ok then what ones are the 3 best?

User Info: gbchaosmaster

9 years ago#4
Seriously. If there's a difference in terms of difficulty between them, it's microscopic.

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User Info: Sxmfct

9 years ago#5
Get Zapdos there's not been a better electric type since RBY.

User Info: ntarps

9 years ago#6
^3 rd gym
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User Info: NerdGoneNormal

9 years ago#7
Zapdos the best electric, yeah right. If you ask me, Raikou is the single best electric type pokemon in the first 386 (I don't have Diamond/Pearl, electric may be better there). Why do I think so? Well, unlike Zapdos, his only weakness is ground, Zapdos gets destroyed by rock and ice. Also, Raikou is much faster, I think, and is stronger in many categories, as far as I know. However, if you are only at the third gym, I would suggest Manectric, but any of them are perfectly fine.

User Info: stonecold_50

9 years ago#8
For 3rd gym, you're only decent choice would be Manectric.
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User Info: msylcatac9

9 years ago#9
Raikou can set up stuff, but zapdos is usually more bulky due to his ground resist; besides, many things carrying rock attacks also use ground attacks too, so that's not much of an issue; as for ice, both raikou and zapdos are walled by regice and the only other stuff using ice beam are bulky waters, taking off maybe 40% at best.

Raikou does have more speed and can set up with calm mind, but zapdos has more special attack, can metal sound, and can pass substitutes/agilities.
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User Info: RTC3

9 years ago#10
zapdos > raikou. why? versatility.

zapdos has way more options than raikou, who is limited to being pretty much a set up special sweeper. zappy can Baton Pass subs/agility, tank/stall with his ResTalk set (which beats blissey, something raikou would never be able to do alone) provide team support with screens (raikou can too i guess, but zappy is more bulky), force switches with roar/metal sound (again, raikou can't pull this off as well as zappy).

although it is interesting to note that raikou counters zapdos rather well. Kou can switch in on anything zappy does, and be an immediate threat with thunderbolt and CM. the most zappy can do is phaze him out, or BP away.
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  3. What is a good electric type pokemon?

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