desprate to find ralts

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User Info: Kakashi_doode

8 years ago#1
ok i seriously have been on route 102 for an hour now in the same patch of grass wally caught his ralts. this is retarded i dont think i will ever find ralts. i heard if you use wingull it helps bring ralts out. anybody else have any more tips? i hate this.......... lol help me please
Other than physically mailing your game to someone to do it for you, there's not much anyone can do other than to say to keep trying. On the bright side, it's got a 4% encounter rate, rather than some of the 1%ers, like Octillery.

User Info: dragster215

8 years ago#3
4% encounter rate? it was my first catch.
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User Info: graemefinley

8 years ago#4
I had a similar problem with Seedot.
In the end I gave up and caught one near Verdanturf. They aren't that great you could always move on and try again later.
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User Info: Larvitarish

8 years ago#5
Ralts isn't only in that one patch of grass. For instance, I encountered my first Ralts in the patch of grass nearest to Oldale Town (next to the pond). Just keep it up! And having a Wingull in your party wont increase your chances of finding one.
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User Info: Ansem_the_evil

8 years ago#6
Im currently doing the same on emerald and for some reason I find lots of seedots instead and they have like 1% chance of appearing

User Info: Tidus14141

8 years ago#7
i found 2 ralts both modest fairly quickly, took me about 10 minutes? no cheats, ran from battles

i caught a boy first, but decided to go for a girl, 5 minutes later, i found a girl, also happened to be MODEST nature, which it was what i was hoping for :o
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