Getting shinies through emerald's non-random random number generator

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User Info: wonderpuddle

8 years ago#1
So I haven't seen a post dedicated to this topic and thought I should create one. For those that haven't heard, the random number generator ("RNG") in emerald is not actually random. It starts with exactly the same frame sequence (a frame is 1/60 of a second) every time you soft reset your game (i.e., press and release start/select/A/B). What this means is that once you figure out at what frames your shiny pokemon appear, you can repeatedly soft reset at that exact moment and catch TONS of shinies. So if you have emerald and want to catch shinies, hopefully this will help you. And this method definitely works -- I just heard about this a few days ago and have already caught the following shinies through this method:

Golbat X3
Abra (who I didn't notice was shiny and have accidentally rare candied, LOL)

First, I would recommend reading through the following post, as it has a ton of great information and good links:

But here is a brief summary that should hopefully help you get started. It is a little dense, but hopefully it will help:

1) Figure out your emerald secret ID (I got mine by trading a pal-parked emerald pokemon to someone with pokesav and he generously gave me my secret ID).

2) Go to the following site:

It can tell you at exactly what moment your shiny pokemon will appear (each secret ID has different shiny moments). But it is written in Japanese. Hopefully this will help you figure out how to use the site to locate your shinies if you can't read Japanese:

a) Click on the second shaded button from the top on the right hand side with the Japanese symbols. That should take you to a new page that has six white boxes towards the left hand column.

b) In the top of those six white boxes (the one with the letter "F" after it), enter 40000 (I think that is the number of frames to search)

c) Leave the next two boxes blank (the one with "#" at the end of it and the one after that one).

d) In the fourth box (which has "ID" in front of it), enter your ID.

e) In the fifth box (which has a Japanese character and "ID"), enter your special ID.

f) Make sure the fourth little square from the top towards the right hand side (the one with the star at the end of it) is checked.

g) Click the circle marked "method 1" if you are trying to catch a legendary/fossil/starter/etc. pokemon. Click the circle marked "method 2" if you are instead trying to catch a wild pokemon (i.e., with sweet scent).

h) See that big white box on the middle of the page? Click the middle shaded button with Japanese characters right above that box. Wait a couple moments and your shiny frames (along with natures and IV's) will be listed in the big box.

So, for example, if you enter 37771 as the ID and 12532 as the secret ID with the method 1 box checked, you should see something like the following in the big box:


What that means is that frames 8397 and 24206 will be shiny for method one pokemon and will have the IV's listed above. Divide the frames by 60 to get the exact time and you can see that method 1 shinies will appear at 139.94 seconds (2 minutes and 19.94 seconds) and at 403.43 seconds (6 minutes and 43.43 seconds) after releasing start/select/A/B on that particular emerald cartridge.

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User Info: wonderpuddle

8 years ago#2
3) Next, you need to download the following spreadsheet:

If that site is down, you can get the untranslated spreadsheet here:

These files essentially list all of the first 40,000 frames in the game (every emerald game has the exact same order of nature and IV spreads, but the shinies will differ depending on your ID and secret ID). This file is crucial in figuring out how close you are to landing your shiny.

4) Go to the location where you will encounter your desired pokemon with at least one empty pokemon slot (so you can check nature/IVs). I.e., Let's assume you want to encounter Groudon. Enter his cave and save at the spot just below where you encounter him (so you will have to press UP once to encounter him). Then soft reset (start/select/A/B) and simultaneously start your stopwatch as you release the buttons. Load the game and watch the stopwatch. When it hits your desired moment (which you may have to adjust -- look through the smogon post for adjustment times for particular pokemon; groudon was something like 4.32 seconds early), hit UP (or A or whatever causes you to encounter your pokemon).

5) If it is shiny, great. You succeeded. If not, masterball it and check his stats with a pokemon IV calculator:

Once you get the approximate IVs, go to the spreadsheet from step #3 above and figure out how much you missed by by searching for pokemon with that nature (starting a couple hundred frames before your target frame). For example, my target shiny frame was 8397. My first attempt at groudon was mild 22,14,20,30,18,27 -- I perused the spreadsheet for mild frames starting at around 8200 and eventually located my catch at frame 8391 -- just missed by 6 frames.

6) Repeat the process until you land your shiny.

That's how it works for method 1 pokemon.

Method 2 pokemon are pretty much the same thing, with a couple subtle differences -- the natures listed in the chart from step#3 are one line off. In other words, for method 2 pokemon, you need to shift the natures down one line. So, for example, a method 2 pokemon at frame 8398 is actually sassy 3,9,9,31,21,12 (not lonely). You can still use the chart the same way explained at step 5 above, but you need to shift your focus to one line below the nature to see the correct stats.

Method 2 pokemon are also probably easier to catch, as you can use a synchronizer as the lead of your party that has the desired nature (i.e., sassy in my example) and then when you use sweet scent, if your synch works, you may not have to hit the exact frame, but instead can land your target shiny if you are close enough.

Well, that's about it. Hope this helps, and happy hunting!
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User Info: Jessara

8 years ago#3
Good idea on starting the thread :) You might want toi mention fishing somewhere in there, I think you take 1 second off your method one shiny frame time. I haven't tried fishing myself yet so I could be remembering it all wrong.

This site might be handy in translating natures if needed:
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User Info: wonderpuddle

8 years ago#4
Good idea about the fishing. I haven't really tried it myself yet either, but once I do (and maybe that's where I'll go if I ever catch a shiny bagon) I'll update this post.

Or if anyone else has experience fishing for shinies and can help out, please post away.
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User Info: rey2

8 years ago#5
Anything on producing shinies by breeding on emerald?

Trying these interesting stuff now using method 2. Kinda curious what method 3 is.
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User Info: Jessara

8 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Jessara

8 years ago#7
There's this for breeding:
I haven't tried that yet.

Method 3 is apparently for traded pokemon where NPCs want one of your pokemon for one of theirs.

Been catching shiny Swablu by the bucket load. I'm on the hunt for a shiny Seviper at the moment :)
Pokemon Diamond Friend Code: Jessara 4553 7138 0945
~~36 Shinies caught while using the Pokeradar~~

User Info: wonderpuddle

8 years ago#8
Hey rey 2. I haven't heard anything about an easier way to get shinies from breeding. But I read somewhere that method 3 is supposedly in-game traded pokemon (i.e., corsola). Don't know if that has been confirmed.

I've had pretty good success with method 2 today -- a few shiny golbats, 2 solrocks and a bagon. Trying to a whimsur now before heading to bed. Hopefully you have good luck as well.

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User Info: wonderpuddle

8 years ago#9
This is getting easier. Just caught a shiny whismur. Took maybe 10 minutes.
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User Info: KokoSoad

8 years ago#10
I just realized something.

For hatching shinies, what if you walk around, up until the egg has one more step before it hatches. Save the game, soft reset, and try all 3 methods by taking that one step forward at the appropriate time. It seems like it could work the same way it worked for pokemon like Groudon.

I cannot find me Emerald and am too lazy to look. Someone should def. try it though.
Dave @ Vegas
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