Fake Emerald?

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User Info: coopg

8 years ago#1

I have a copy of emerald which I got used off amazon - apparently an american copy, which I've been playing in an english GBA SP. On startup I get the message 'The save file will be loaded. The game can be played'. I just assumed that was something that happened in emerald, but after beating the elite 4, the file erased itself on the reset straight afterwards. I've seen that this might happen with fake cartridges, I was wondering if that message was normal, or if there's another way to confirm whether it's a real cartridge or if I've just sunk 50 hours into a broken fake


User Info: GameFreakMania

8 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: GameFreakMania

8 years ago#3
Unless there's something about American games in English SPs that I'm unaware of, you have indeed sunk 50 hours into a broken fake.

User Info: liquiddi

8 years ago#4
I bought a fake Emerald too, and it said exactly the same thing "The save file will be loaded. The game can be played". There are just too many fakes in Amazon AND Ebay. To clarify, check the Emerald sticker: Is it shiny/metallic? If not, it's a fake. Also are there small numbers on the sticker? If not, fake. Check the back of the cartridge, does it say 004? Definitely a fake. It should be 002 at least in Pokemon Emerald. Then final test, check inside the cartridge where the gold thingies start, does it read Nintendo in there in gold letters? If not, definitely a fake. If you can, demand your money back from the seller. If the seller isn't cooperating, contact Amazon.

User Info: coopg

8 years ago#5

The label isn't shiny, and although the back says 002, I can't see the nintendo markings on the inside that you mentioned, so thanks for clarifying. Hopefully amazon won't mind that it took a month to find out it was a fake...

Does anyone know where I can get a reliable copy of (preferably british/european, although it's not critical) Emerald? I'd quite like to get the pokemon off there to trade with my leafgreen, and so I can pal park them if/when I get D/P/P

User Info: liquiddi

8 years ago#6
Most PAL versions are genuine. I suggest them, so buying it from Ebay.co.uk might be a good idea. Here's some more tips:

1. Don't buy from Asia. Most of the copies that come from there are fakes, especially in Hong Kong.
2. Never buy one without picture of the actual cartridge, you can then tell which of them are fakes.
3. Never buy someone who sells multiple copies of the same game, especially if they all have the same picture on them.
4. Check the feedback, if there's one out of thousand who says it's a fake, then don't trust him. Seriously, most people won't recognize the fake when they first get it.
5. If the seller is selling the product "Brand New Boxed" and them later inform that "all products will be tested before posted". Why would a BRAND NEW product be tested?
6. Just buy the PAL version, make sure there's CE on the sticker and not E.

Now when you see the product itself on a photo, check these things out:

1. Is the cartridge green? If not, then it's a fake.
2. Is the sticker shiny? Or are there those little numbers pressed on the sticker? Okay, it won't shine in some pictures because of the shady lightning. But you can tell if the colour differs from the real one. Check this http://i7.ebayimg.com/02/s/000/77/48/7213_2.JPG. The colours are sharp. Just compare everything to those.

Google "fake pokemon emerald" and check other guides as well and be 100% sure before you buy.

Good luck on finding a genuine Emerald.

User Info: coopg

8 years ago#7

Thanks for your help. I've tried before on eBay and got a copy I just thought was broken but I now think it was also a fake, but a very poor one, but I'll try again, see if i can get a real PAL copy.

User Info: a_w_mcphee

8 years ago#8
I just fell victim to this as well, after beating the e4 and etc. There are quite a few signs that your game is corrupt, the "save will be loaded" message, lack of shiny sticker on the cartridge, but the main one is from Nintendo's anti piracy site is this chip installed in pirated games that you can clearly see even though most semi transparent pirated versions (like mine):


I got this link from another thread in this forum so I can't take credit.

User Info: chengmaster

8 years ago#9
I got a Question about that.

My Battery ran out in Emerald, Will the game corrupt If I Battle the Elite four?

Notice: I Beat them Already.
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User Info: shadowrazr98

8 years ago#10
No. It's just that clock-based events will not happen such as the Lottery in Lilycove, the berry Master and other berry givers, Espeon and Umbreon, etc.
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