Old Sea chart?

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User Info: TDWPfan

8 years ago#1
how do you get this?

User Info: Ashora_

8 years ago#2

Getting the Old Sea Chart for GBA Emerald

Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers:

* You go to a Nintendo Event, but unfortunately they have all finished so you cant get it sorry.

* I believe the only way is at a Nintendo Event, and they happen every few years mate sorry. There might be another way though.

* Buy an Action Replay Max for GBA and enter the code for the Old Sea Chart. Or get an Action Replay.

* Use a GameShark code.

* To get the Old Sea Map you need to have access to the Mystery Gift. Click on the Mystery Gift. It will say WONDER GIFT and wonder news click on wonder news, than go to any PC go to the second floor where you trade and stuff. There will be a guy in a green hat talk to him and he will give you the Old Sea Chart.

* You can use this cheat code: 19C67C656689 94318A10E753. To fight him you have to go inside a house or go outside, wherever you saved last. After you catch mew, you can use this code: 19C67C656689 12B9BF13D649. To transport from the entrance of Mew Island back to the Mauville City Gym.

* It's easy just go to serebii.net and click on Emerald.

* The only way to get Mew is a cheat cartridge with all 386 Pokemon.

* Use this Action Replay code: Faraway Island e124b2b1 a46b45ab. P.S When you get there turn your AR off.

* There only are three ways to get mew:
* 1) Get the Old Sea Map from a special Nintendo Event and board a ship form Lillycove City to Faraway Island. There you will find Mew. 2) Use the Action Replay Code (e124b2b1 a46b45ab).
* or there is a big dive area near pacificlog town it looks impossible to get to but when you do dive in the area. there will be an area for an item.~note you must have gotten deyoxes and jirachii~oh and must have 3 shiny regis.

User Info: Ashora_

8 years ago#3
Note that I just pasted all of that, some of it is probably wrong.

Simply put, the only way you can get it is by cheating.

User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
8 years ago#4
The Old Sea Map was never released outside of Japan.

In the US, Mew was given out at Toys R Us on 9/30/06 via trade with "Nintendo hacked" copies of FR.
My ToS Riddle FAQ: http://www.geocities.com/supercreatures/

User Info: Nintendude777

8 years ago#5
That last asterisk... things like that prove this is a pokemon game.

Ya know, if the name didn't...
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User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
8 years ago#6
It also sounds like somebody was talking about a 386 version, or other ROM hack, as it has jack **** to do with obtaining the Old Sea Map/Mew in legitimate copies of Emerald.
My ToS Riddle FAQ: http://www.geocities.com/supercreatures/

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