Help me beat Watson

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User Info: KoreaS2K

8 years ago#1
So I've restarted the game and I'm battling Watson right now. Problem is, I have lost to him maybe 5 times already. I battled all the trainers around Mauville to level up my party. I'm really frustrated because I'm already having trouble with the third Gym Leader. The only Pokemon I can't faint is Magneton and Manetric. Here is my party list

Grovyle lvl 23
-Bullet Seed
-Quick Attack
-Fury Cutter

Whismur lvl 18
- Rollout
- Uproar
- Howl
- Astonish

Sableye lvl 23
-Night Shade
-Rock Smash
-Fury Swipes

Zubat lvl 18
-Leech Life
-Steel Wing

Aron lvl 21
-Rock Tomb
-Iron Defense
-Metal Claw

Pokemon in my PC

Abra lvl 7

Nincada lvl 9
-Leech Life

Zubat lvl 8
idk the att

Makuhita lvl 8
-Arm Thrust

Any tips or strategies to defeat Watson? What I've been doing is first boosting Sableye with XATTACK and XSPEED during Voltorb's turn. Then I'd switch to Grovyle to take down Voltorb and Elektrike. When Mageton comes out, I start using Screech to make Mageton's defense drop. Once Magneton faints my Grovyle, I send out Sableye and make him use the attack boosted Rock Smash to deal super effectivd damage on a very low-defense Mageton. I used about 8 XATTACK on Sableye and I used Screech on Magenton about ten times, so Magenton faints after like two Rock Smashes. But the problem is Manetric and his speed and Shock Wave. Any suggestions?
One must die in order to finish the battle.
That is the battle of life.

User Info: Moe_Lester

8 years ago#2
Ok the one pokemon i reccomend you go out, find, catch and train is a Geodude. This pokemon will be resistant to Watsons pokemons Thunder moves and that annoying Sonicboom. Also Geodude learns Magnitude eventually which is a ground type move which will be super effective against all his pokemon. You could even train it until it becomes a Graveller which would be even better. - 106k -
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User Info: paramita911

8 years ago#3
You can try Bullet Seed to defeat Manectric. With a few X Special and a little more leveling, you can try your luck out with Bullet Seed.
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User Info: paramita911

8 years ago#4
I once had that problem. (Just take a look at this topic:
Axel (KH): Got it memorized?
Marcus Damon (DDS): I got it memorized, all right here

User Info: kirbymuncher

8 years ago#5
If you use X-items to boost your stats, and then switch out, all the boosts are lost.

User Info: Coegulat

8 years ago#6
Evolve that abra and train the makuhita so it can take on magneton.
These guys are very easily killed. It shouldn't be hard. Just rush them with pretty much anything.
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User Info: KoreaS2K

8 years ago#7
I just beat Watson only using my Sableye the whole time. It was a miracle, really. He had only 2hp left and was paralyzed by the time Manectric came out. I had no more potions but I used Thief to obtain Manetric's Sitrus Berry to recover. Manectric kept using Howl instead of Shock Wave so I fainted it with Night Shade. Feel pretty good now haha.

Now that I can move on, I have yet another question. I only have 5 dominant pokemons in my party. My goal in this restarted game is to only use the first 6 Pokemons I catch. What should my 6th Pokemon be?
One must die in order to finish the battle.
That is the battle of life.

User Info: Coberholt

8 years ago#8
Veni, Vedi, Veni.

User Info: KoreaS2K

8 years ago#9
I caught a Solrock just now. I will still be catching more pokemons in the future to fill my dex and stuff, but what im trying to do is mocking the anime. Ash only uses the Pokemon he has in his party and only switches pokemons from the box/oak in league matches. It's what Im trying to do.

Expected Party of the Future if this goes well


does this seem like a good layout or should i replace some pokemons?

when i first beat the game, my party was


all the rare pokemons haha
One must die in order to finish the battle.
That is the battle of life.

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