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User Info: 13edge13

9 years ago#1
HELP! I figured I'd finally pick this game up since I loved the Baldur's Gate series and the original NWN. To my dismay the game keeps crashing on me and i dont know what to do...I cant even get through making a character!! I have downloaded the newest patch and here are my specs ...

Area-51 5750 R2 17” WUGXA 1900x120
Core 2 Duo 2.33ghz T7600 4mb 667mhz
Samsung 2 GB DDR2 PC5300 SO-DIMM
Toshiba 400gb 4200rpm Sata
8x DVD +/- RW NEC AD-540A REV 1
Card- R2 ATI X1800 WITH 256MB MXM3

This is the only game I currently have installed so basically all memory is free. Can anyone HELP ?!? Any issues Im not aware of ??

User Info: eyeofjustice

9 years ago#2
First off, make sure you're fully patched and have the latest drivers for your video card.

From the sounds of things, you're probably having an overheating problem. NWN2 drives your computer a lot harder than BG2. When you say "crashing", do you mean crash to desktop, or computer shuts down, or what?

Is that entire computer built by AlienWare? Regardless, it could also be that the power supply isn't big enough to handle your computer. Check the supply against the requirements posted for your card.

User Info: 13edge13

9 years ago#3
Cool thanks for the advice. I went to alienware's website for tech support and its actually a topic on their most frequently asked questions ...

"What should I do if my Area-51 m5700 experiences lockups and/or crashes during gameplay?" - this is exactly whats happening in my case.

It looks as though its not a NWN2 issue but rather my bios is not updated on my laptop from alienware (Im hoping this is the case at least and Im @ work and cant verify this) ...

I really hope this works,...the game looks AWESOME!

User Info: OlSheep

9 years ago#4
Your BIOS not being up-to-date could be a cause of problems.

I'm a bit skeptical though. Especially if this is the only issue your computer seems to have. A fault originating from the BIOS is unlikely to be triggered exclusively by one program. Plus, this game tends to be a bit on the buggy side. It's also a reasonably old product, further reducing the likeliness of a BIOS problem.

That could be it though.

Be careful when updating the BIOS. Follow your manufacturer's (Alienware) instructions closely. Unless your motherboard keeps a backup automatically, there's a chance of bricking (i.e. rendering unusable) the machine.

If that doesn't solve your problem, come back here, answer these questions and I'll try to help:

- When, exactly, does the game crash? Can you see the main menu (the in-game fullscreen one, not the autorun from the DVD)? Can you pick a campaign? Does it crash on the splash screen (the logo that pops up before the game starts)?

- What OS are you using? This game tends to require a lot of fiddling around if you want it to work on Vista.

- Did the installation go smoothly? No error message there?

- What error message are you getting after the crash (if any)?

- Does the game throw you back to your desktop? Does it freeze the computer entirely? Does it actually reboot the machine?
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User Info: 13edge13

9 years ago#5
Thanks for your input. Here's why I believe it to be a BIOS issue. I recently bought this computer and it was installed with a fresh Vista. I HATE VISTA for gaming due to all the bugs so I had my computer guy use a respawn with the original XP Media Center that was originally put on the machine. All of the drivers, including video cards, sound cards etc have been updated EXCEPT for the BIOS. NWN2 has been perfectly installed and patched with zero issues. The game will play for about 1-2 minutes each time and then completely freeze (not crash to the desktop). So there's no error message. I dont even have time to create a character. This happens regardless of which screen im in whether it be in a creation screen or watching the opening video, or even the options screen.

The is the first and only game I've installed though so I'm not completely convinced but due to the fact that this machine should play just about everything AND due to the fact that as I mentioned earlier, its actually on the alienware website as a topic (only for my machine ironically) Im quite happy that hopefully I'll be playing soon... I've copied and pasted the exact verbatim from the website about my issue ...

What should I do if my Area-51 m5700 experiences lockups and/or crashes during gameplay?


• Area-51® m5700


Thank you for your inquiry.

Random crashes during gameplay on the Area-51 m5700 may occur if the system is operating with an outdated system BIOS version.

If your m5700 mobile system is experiencing lockups and/or crashes during gameplay, please download the latest BIOS version available.

Download the BIOS update from the Support Area under the Drivers & Downloads or My Hive section. If you log in to the Drivers & Downloads section, select the options shown in Image 1 in order to locate the BIOS download.

User Info: 13edge13

9 years ago#6
OK. Im back and after a careful review of my situation it appears my processor is a 2.33ghz and the game requirements are a 3.0 processor so I need to ask , mainly you computer wizards, is there no hope for me with this processor or can i tweak maybe some in game settings to get around this??

PLEASE HELP. I know I have met all other requirements on my machine. I had no idea my processor wouldnt be able to handle this. Please be frank if you know for sure that I cant play. If there's anyone out there who knows how to possibly get around this issue Im ALL EARS! Thanks!!

IO SHEEP Im counting on your knowledge Buddy!! Help a brother out!! You were right for me to look elsewhere....PEACE!!

User Info: 13edge13

9 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: 13edge13

9 years ago#8
Check that ...minimum requirements are (ARE YOU KIDDING???) 2.4.... my processor is a 2.33 core duo processor... Any work arounds ??? Any ideas ???

User Info: OlSheep

9 years ago#9
I'm in a bit of a hurry right now so I'm gonna try to post something a bit more helpful later today (sorry).

Your CPU's frequency is very unlikely to be the cause of your problem. Yes, 2.33 ghz is under the requirements. This means that some calculations don't get done in time which should result in performance issues (i.e. not in a crash).

With that being said, you have to keep two things is mind.

A) Your game locks up before the CPU-intensive tasks even get to start. While you may have an hardware problem on your hands, the CPU's speed is very unlikely to be the culprit.

B) The minimum requirements are 2.4 GHz on a single core. You've got a dual core processor. Basically (I'm oversimplifying here), this means the game and the OS can run on separate CPUs which should probably compensate for the missing .07 GHz.

So, yea, I highly doubt that's your problem.

I'll try to come up with something more useful later.
"The use of COBOL cripples the mind; its teaching should, therefore, be regarded as a criminal offence."
-- E. W. Dijkstra

User Info: Mortred

9 years ago#10
From what I've heard and read NWN2 does not utilize dual cores so you're effectively running it with just one processor. My personal experience seems to corroborate that as well; I essentially cannot play with shadows on at all and with anti-aliasing on 4x and texture filtering on the highest setting I don't get over 20fps at my monitor's resolution. My GPU is an 8600M GT which I know is capable of handling far more than NWN2's graphics; thus, I'm inclined to believe that my processor (2.2 GHz dual core) is the source of the problem.

That being said, it's playable for me and I'm almost finished with the OC so I have no idea what's causing the issue here.
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