how does multiplayer work?

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  3. how does multiplayer work?

User Info: Kefka_freaka

9 years ago#1
I mean, if there are more than one people playing the official campaign, who does the talking? can the rest of the people see the dialogues?

User Info: Raithwall

9 years ago#2
It doesnt work. Man we keep crashing and crashing, and getting bugged.

The player who talks to npc does the talking, but everyone else hears it, sees it, and loses the ability to take any actions while its going on.

Also the screen typically spins round and around while this is happening.

User Info: Nesrie

9 years ago#3
Multiplayer does work. My group and I have been playing for hours with no real technical issues.

The major grips would be the following:

no one else can do anything while someone is conversing
anytime someone loads into a new zone, everyone does
the relationship with the NPCs is hindered because they only see to gain points with the
person talking to them so unless the same person talks to them, getting the relationship up is difficult.

User Info: Raithwall

9 years ago#4
Give it time... we've been playing 2/3 weeks. The bugs eventually rear their ugly heads...

Right now we're in chapter three, fighting guys it takes 10 full minutes to kill, crashing every time we try to go to certain places, and half the time my friend logs in all his items are gone and we have to respawn them with debugmode commands.

But yeah chapter 1 and 2 were a blast... problems were rare
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  3. how does multiplayer work?

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