How do I get my followers to follow me?

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  3. How do I get my followers to follow me?

User Info: Venters

8 years ago#1
So for the longest time I would have my followers trail behind me and they would automatically engage my enemies as they got near them.

I then went to the Dwarf Camp in Chapter 1 where I got to meet up with the other ironfists.

I must have done something but for the life of me I can't figure it out but my followers will now just stand in one spot and no longer auto follow my PC without me clicking on them and will no longer engage enemies on there own.

The only toggle that I tried was Party AI which I left at "On".

Any ideas?

User Info: sortika

8 years ago#2
Try holding right-click on your active character and Broadcasting Command "follow me". It should reset their AI, but you may have to reshout at later stages in the game. That happened to me in -exactly- the same place

On that subject, has anyone noticed their characters "drifting off" more often after installing MoTB? Mine are basically lagging in the follow range now. D:

Anyway, hope that helps.

User Info: Venters

8 years ago#3
yea that does get them to start following me again.

anyway to hotkey that command to my toolbar?

I'm finding that I have to issue that command every other fight and its a pain to constantly have to rightclick on my character and then select commands etc etc.

User Info: Smakit

8 years ago#4
Yea, hit "V" (pretty sure, if not its down by that key ;) ) and it should open up a voice chat thing similar to NWN 1. You can click one of those (for example, exploration), then drag a command to your bar. I generally put "Follow Me" "Stand Your Ground" "Attack Nearest" on three buttons near each other for easiest use. I did the same in the original NWN - seems to help get them going before the 'check'.
~ Smakit ~
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  3. How do I get my followers to follow me?

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