Where did all the stuffs go?

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User Info: archangelryushi

8 years ago#1
Ok so this is more of a gamefaqs related question than NWN2. I seem to remember there being more class build guides a while back (bought Nwn2 awhile back but got a new laptop and couldn't find my old copy so i bought a new one and am playing again) more specifically a red dragon disciple guide, just wondering where it went. I also seem to remember that there were codes you could type in to get special developer weapons that were basically just there to be ungodly and am wondering why they aren't here anymore.

Now before you guys come in and rant to me about how cheating makes the game horrible and want to tell me how to play MY game with MY time, rest assured, i'm not here asking for the codes i'm just curious as to why they disappeared.

User Info: Witch Elf

Witch Elf
8 years ago#2
You must be thinking of a different game or a different website. As far as I know, there hasn't been codes in the Cheats section for 'uber items', ever. The only game I can remember that ever did that was in Planescape: Torment where you could hack in the godly QA weapon.

As for the guide, I don't remember it, but it could have been subsumed into someone else's guide, or you could possibly be thinking of NWN1.
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User Info: archangelryushi

8 years ago#3
You know that could be true about the RDD thing but I definitely remember that the uber items were in NWN2, i seem to vaguely recall that there were two or three items... nvm i just found them on a different site but again i definitely remember that the codes were on here at one time the swords if you want to know what they were called were the Enchanted Papyrus Blade, the Destructificator, and the Instrument o' Death, but i dont thing the IOD was a sword.

User Info: Phelan_Patrick

8 years ago#4
you get the enchanted papyrus blade, as well as 20 in all skill ranks and all katana weapon feats, when you use the 'irolltwenties' console code.
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User Info: Odude

8 years ago#5
Right click on your main character

Open up the command console and type;
debugmode 1

then type;
giveitem instodeath
giveitem n2_killerweapon
giveitem roll20s

Have fun killing everything.
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  3. Where did all the stuffs go?

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