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User Info: Rutgerhauer

8 years ago#1
I've played NWN2 and MoTB awhile ago and never had this problem before. I just reinstalled the game and when I and NPCs move around it looks odd. Like we are on a chess board and you skip between each area in a movement like animation (your arms and legs move back and forth like you are jogging in place for a second and then you skip ahead abit and repeat)

It does not look normal and i've never had this problem before when playing on my old computer. I was looking around this board if anyone else had a similar problem but I haven't found anything. Is this only happening to me?

User Info: mjh410

8 years ago#2
Probably a problem with you video card or video settings, or possibly not enough RAM or to many things running in the background. Sounds like the computer just can't keep up with the game.
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User Info: Rutgerhauer

8 years ago#3
My new computer is much better then the one i played and beat both of them on. Its vista with GeForce 8800 GT video card, with 4gb ram, but it only uses 3.2.

Everything loads quick, much quicker then my old computer. And I do not get any lag even with high settings on, just a weird movement problem I was hoping someone could help me with.

User Info: Rutgerhauer

8 years ago#4
With your advice I updated my video card. They released a new one a few days ago and it fixed my problems. Thanks for the help =)

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