Any similar games?

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User Info: mariosx

8 years ago#1
I am looking for similar games like Neverwinter Nights
I have played and finished (and was very happy to play) these
Mass Effect for PC
Jade Empire for PC
Neverwinter Nights 1 with all expansions
Neverwinter Nights 2 and Mask of the Betrayer, I won't play the other expansions because I consider them b*llsh*t starting with 4 character [full party] I consider it no fun.

User Info: RoleOfAQS

8 years ago#2
No fun? You know, you don't have to get them for the campaigns. Rather, instead you should get them for the updates to the system that come with them. That, and the fact that most of the helpful mods out there require SoZ to work properly...

Other than that, I've heard the Baldur's Gate series was good, but I've never played it myself (and annoyingly, can't seem to find it... >_>).

You may also wanna try KOTOR.
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User Info: Wiseius

8 years ago#3
Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II for PC

User Info: Witch Elf

Witch Elf
8 years ago#4
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Possibly Redemption as well.

Planescape: Torment


The original Fallout games (1, 2, and Tactics).
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User Info: NicholaasWolf

8 years ago#5
The Fallout series is excellent, yes. If you haven't already, give them a go. You can get Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics on the cheap as part of a package deal.

I'd also recommend Icewind Dale II. It uses the same Infinity Engine that Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 use, and (I think) is a much more interesting game. You create an entire party of 1-6 characters, rather than one character and collecting various NPCs along the way.
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User Info: engimaman

8 years ago#6
pretty much all the games your looking for are under the PC-style RPG tab section

but I also second RoleOfAQS opinion of playing KoTOR 1
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User Info: mariosx

8 years ago#7
I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough...
I have also played Baldur's Gate II and liked it much and finished it
I couldn't stand Icewind Dale because of the graphics and again starting with customized chars is no fun that is because no one has background history or side quests which will let you have more enthusiasm.
Did you forget Khelgar Ironfist? The traitor Bishop? The almighty Eldrich Knight Ammon Jerro? Sarra Jerro? The punk sorceress Qara? The Moon Elf Sand?
All these playable NPCS gave you the excitement to talk to them and stuff.

I also have played Kotor 1 and Kotor 2 [hell yeah!] and again finished them

Vampire The Masquarade was also awfully good who is gonna miss this game if he/she likes the vampires?
Fallout 1 / 2 / Tactics thanks I won't try... I cannot get used again to those graphics... especially on a 32 TV Monitor

User Info: hairymanboobs

8 years ago#8
^ You liked BG2, but didn't like the graphics in IWD? You do realize that they use the exact same graphic engine right? Or did you play BG on the consoles and think that was the real BG game? BG on the consoles is a steaming pile of feces compared to the real BG games on PC.

User Info: mariosx

8 years ago#9
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn that's the one I played.
I only remember that you could set a higher resolution in Baldur's Gate in comparison with Icewind Dale
Also I don't like as I said starting with 5 customized characters. No background history, no side quests, no nothing

User Info: Darkfyre

8 years ago#10
They've already been mentioned, but I'd suggest checking out the following:

- Fallout 1 and 2. They're not in a fantasy setting like most RPGs, but they're still very good games. Which one is better is a matter of opinion, but they're both good. Fallout Tactics has more entertaining gameplay but a less interesting story and characters, and Fallout 3 is a completely different game but still pretty good. Don't bother checking out Brotherhood of Steel, because it's the only game in the series that's just plain bad.

- Arcanum. A great RPG. Very good story and some pretty interesting characters. The setting is also a lot of fun if you like steampunk fantasy. The game can be a bit buggy but if you use "Drog Black Tooth's Unofficial Arcanum Patch" (just google it), almost all of the bugs are fixed.

- Planescape: Torment. If you don't mind reading a LOT of text and dealing with a sub-par combat system (it's a lot like Baldur's Gate's combat since it's the same engine, but it's a lot less interesting combat-wise), this is without a doubt one of the best-written video games there is. All the characters are great as well, and every possible companion is memorable in their own way (not to mention some of the non-recruitable NPCs).

- Vampire: the Masquerade: Redemption and Vampire: the Masquerade: Bloodlines. They're very different games, both from each other and the rest of the list, but if you like well-written storylines and cool characters, there's no reason you shouldn't give these a try. Bloodlines is a first-person game and has the most fans, while Redemption, a third-person game, is a lot more underrated most of the time. You'll probably want to download a fan-patch for Bloodlines if you're going to play it, because it can get a big buggy.

- Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2. Very good games that will be easy to play if you liked the NWN games, since it's basically a simplified (and improved) version of the same system. They both have excellent stories and characters. I personally think the second one is better than the first in almost every way except for the ending, but there's a lot of debate about that among fans. What is undeniably true is that the ending of the 2nd game is a big letdown because they had to cut a lot of content due to time constraints. Still, both games are very much worth playing if you enjoy RPGs, especially if you like the Star Wars setting. Unlike most of the other games on this list, you probably will want to play these in order, because the second game is FULL of big and small references to the first, and you'll be missing out if you don't play them both.
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