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Is parry worth it?

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  3. Is parry worth it?

User Info: Unforseenaction

5 years ago#1
Looking at making a bard with parry, no real offense outside of buffing the group.

User Info: Alvin_the_Elf

5 years ago#2
I never found parry very useful. Bards make very good 'spellsword' type characters, especially if you can manage to multiclass with one or two levels of another class.
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User Info: John_Dane

5 years ago#3
You'd probably be better off with using Defensive Casting or Combat Expertise if that's all you wish to do with your bard. Defensive Casting, provided you are keeping your concentration skill up, will keep him from getting interrupted (which probably won't be a big deal anyway), while Combat Expertise (which requires a melee weapon equipped) gives you a fixed +3 bonus to AC at the expense of -3 to attack rolls.

Plus, there's a bug with Parry, which may or may not be important:

User Info: CaptainKO

5 years ago#4
No, parry only allows for 3 counter attacks and it only blocks a certain amount I think. I can't remember how it works, but it was found to not be good.

User Info: phoenixdude8

5 years ago#5
You would be wrong, Parry is very useful if you are playing an assassin type, or a duelist.

These type characters gain benefits to parry abilities, what happenes is, the more people are around the less useful parry is, and its completely useless against mages or archers, but if you can stealth in and pick them off before throwing on parry mode, anyone with decent amount of parry and some booster skills will have easy pickings.

It is useful, but not until you really put some points into it, and have some boosting skills, i recommend at char creation you take Luck of Heros, and you should also take combat expertise and feint, this will deny them their dex modifier, this way they have little chance of hitting you, if im right its their dex modifier against yours when it comes to hitting while in parry mode, i could be wrong.

All i know is, when i made my assassin char, he would stealth in, pick off the mages/archers really quick, throw on parry mode, and i could sit there and watch as i was never hit, and they were all dead. It was very amusing.

User Info: John_Dane

5 years ago#6
A bug occurs because of how the engine handles multiple attacks. It groups all of a character's attacks into three "flurries" made at the beginning, middle, and end of the round. If an attacker makes two attacks in the first "flurry", the parry check will not be made against the second attack. This issue has still not been fixed since its original existence in the first nwn game

In other words, maybe it would be okay if you're fighting one-on-one with someone who gets a maximum of 3 attacks per round. You'd probably beat the crap out of him in that case...and if you can do this, you may as well just beat the crap out of him without parry and all the wasted skill points and feat(s).

But if you're getting attacked by a group all at once, it sounds like you're in some deep ****.

I would like someone to check if what I'm saying here is right. Let's say 3 imaginary orcs with 3 attacks per round a piece come at you.

You throw on parry. You're waiting for the first "flurry" of the round. That's 3 attacks (1 per orc), but you can only parry 1 of them. You get hit twice.

The next flurry comes. You get hit twice again.
Third flurry, twice again.

That means you can get hit 6 times by these 3 orcs in one round. This is assuming you actually succeed in parrying at all. If these are some rather formidable orcs who won't die from a parry attack, you're wasting your time. If you're playing an assassin or some such, you shouldn't be meleeing against a horde of enemies anyway. And the idea of a "duelist" is... well... dueling.

User Info: happyscrub1

5 years ago#7
Parry us underrated. If you have high AC and high parry, you can negate a lot of damage. That's 2 rolls they have to make just to hit you. U'll kill things safely but slowly...or u can tank and let someone else do the damage.
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User Info: Unforseenaction

5 years ago#8
I thank you for the time you took to answer my question, and thank you for the helpful info.

User Info: Koganesaga

5 years ago#9
I'm just gonna throw it out there, don't parry with caster classes, like they said there are better thing for that. Basically on the whole, parry is a bad idea. Parry shines when there are specific classes that would benefit from it, such as the swashbuckler class. In cases like that, the world can be good provided you have the feats for it, a most melee enemies will watch as you turn their own attacks against them while you gracefully dance and dodge their attacks.

User Info: aamfirdaus

5 years ago#10
I like parry for my rogue character should he fails sneak-kill an opponent. Though, I prefer it in NWN 1. In NWN 1, my character parries an attack with his weapon, while in NWN 2, he just evades the attacks.
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  3. Is parry worth it?

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