Class and Race mods

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User Info: Pezofpower

5 years ago#1
Is there a comprehensive mod that ads D&D 3.x PrC's and Races beyond the initial game? If so can someone give me a link, thanks!

User Info: Xeno_Predator

5 years ago#2

That's the famous Kaedrin's pack. It comes with new sub-races, new classes (both base and prestige), and new feats. It's also regularly updated and used on many PWs and also works with all official campaigns.

I'm assuming you don't know of this place yet so I'll link you there:

You can browse builds and create your own builds and share them with an excellent builder tool. Plus it's free!
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User Info: Arcturon

5 years ago#3
I don't know if this is often checked, but I'm having trouble getting this pack of his to work, putting it all into override correct? It pops the class up when I level up, but they have no name and I can't click them....any help would be amazingly appreciated.

User Info: Mattheau

5 years ago#4
Check the instructions again, the dialog file isn't supposed to go into the override folder. If you put it in the override folder, you get the issue you describe.

User Info: Arcturon

5 years ago#5
For the version:
1. Copy the folders to your "My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2/override" folder.
2. Rename your Dialog.tlk file (if it exists) to Dialog.bak. It is found in the "My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2" folder.
3. Copy the Dialog.tlk file to your "My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2" folder.

So I put it all into my override folder. Changed the dialog.tlk to dialog.bak, moved it to the base folder for it all...still having an issue.

User Info: Arcturon

5 years ago#6
Got it figures out. It would be better if steps 2 and 3 were switched, because putting the .tlk file in my main directory and then changing the copy of it in the override to .bak made it work.
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