Other English SRW Games?

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User Info: kwong0028

7 years ago#1
What are some of the fan translated games? As far as I know there are only 3 english releases officially. I really like this genre, the combat, upgrade/leveling, etc. Although I think the storytelling is long and convoluted.... I can look past that flaw cuz the game plays awesome. Wish there were more.

User Info: FlamingHopps67

7 years ago#2
Complete Projects

Super Robot Wars (GB) - Was done by AGTP awhile back. Plays nothing like your standard run of the mill SRW. You would only want to play this if you were an SRW buff.

Super Robot Wars 3 (SFC) - Another AGTP project. First fan-translated SRW. Old game that features very little of the mechanics of your modern (post-2000) SRW.

Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden (PS) - Another AGTP project. This predates the OG1 by a year or so. Features the revamped skill point system that subsequent titles have run amok with. Awesome cast list. The game is a direct sequel to SRW Alpha.

Can Expect to be Completed Sometime in the Near Future...Hopefully

Super Robot Wars Alpha (PS) - Being worked on by AGTP. First game of the Alpha series. Serves as a perfect gateway series...in that the game features a roubust cast list, several routes, secrets, animations that don't look too dated by today's standards, and game mechanics that won't have you driving your fist through you computer monitor.

Super Robot Wars J (GBA) - Project done by the Romhacking Aerie. Last SRW to be released on the GBA. Two protagonists. Three (four after replays) selectable mechs for your protagonists. Three partners who offer unique stat attributes (and a unique finisher after a certain point). Very fun portable SRW.
Putting this here so I don't forget...

User Info: red255

7 years ago#3
No Alpha 3? I want alpha 3.
meh I want alpha 2 too.
I played Alpha Gaiden a while back...



Is what I'd use for a quick search.
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User Info: kwong0028

7 years ago#4
Thank you so much, I'll look into them now! :DDD

User Info: MarsDragon

7 years ago#5
No Alpha 3? I want alpha 3.
meh I want alpha 2 too.

Here's an idea, learn Japanese and translate them yourself. Then maybe you'll understand the incredible amount of text there is in a SRW and what a gigantic effort it is to even just bring you the PSX ones.
So many books, so little time.

User Info: chitang

7 years ago#6
I agree with you masterdragon, it took me long enough just to read the translated version...I can't imagine how long its gonna take to translate so much texts.....I am grateful that there are fans out there that love this game so much to do all these work.

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