Save glitches and serious flaws

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User Info: chrisv1977

9 years ago#1
This game is pretty good and fun, but it is also almost unplayable do to save glitches and other flaws.

During Legend tour, during a multi-day tournament, if you save anytime (especially at the conclusion of a day), you run the risk of losing progress, including all progress. I was playing "There and back again" (final even in pro mode), finished with the ridiculously hard Emerald Dragon two times and advanced to day 3 Couer D Alene, saved and turned the game off, then when I reloaded the game, it started me back up again at day 1 in Emerald Dragon!

This save glitch has occurred numerous times with some differences. Sometimes the leaderboard would be vastly different (such as not saving results in progress).

I am afraid to turn the game off during multi-day tournaments in fear of losing progress or vital information.

Other major flaws are not allowing me to putt even in some cases when I am clearly on the green.

Also a few times I barely cleared a huge body of water, and the ball rests in the rough, and the game considers it "out of bounds". This has happened numerous times. If this is not a glitch and is truly out of bounds, it seems quite unfair to drive the ball nearly 400 yards and just miss the fairway on the other side of the lake only to have it considered out of bounds.

Another time, I had another one of these out of bounds incidents and the game dropped my ball right in front of a tree! In real life, you would never have to "drop" with a huge tree only 5 feet in front of you.

Anybody have these and other problems with the game?
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