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User Info: greatkingspider

7 years ago#1
Your name is Anson. You have a crazy haircut and wear goggles.
Your first friend is Sonia. She is a girl and has boobs.
Your other friend is Claude. He is kind of a jerk and is way cooler than you.

The three of you were walking through the park one day, when you decided to go into the sewer to see if there were any dead bodies down there. You know, regular 12 year old stuff. When you were down there, Claude challenged you to dive into a massive whirlpool of sewer sludge. Not wanting to look like a chicken in front of the boobs, I mean Sonia, you dove right in. After diving in, you found yourself going through a mystical portal of sewer portal right into some alternate universe. Your friends, thinking you drowned, dived in after you, like any stupid person would do.

The three of you came out of the portal in a small pond in the middle of a clearing. you got out of the pond, and magically, your clothes weren't wet. None of you wondered why this happened, because you were all in some alternate universe and the you and your friends are all freaking out.

You and your friends wandered aimlessly around until you found some giant house. You walked inside without knocking, because you are a bunch of punks. Some really old guy is sitting there in the house and offers you tea. You and your friends all say yes, and he then doles out some long exposition about how you're the new digidestined and you have to save the world and all that jazz. you all accept this garbage right away, because you're 12. he then gives you digivices, and tells you he has three digimon to offer the three of you, and you can work it out amongst yourselves.

After this, Claude explains what he said because you weren't listening. "So, the digital world used to be a peaceful place where everyone got along, but then some guy from our world found his way here using the magic of SCIENCE. He proceeded to molest a digimon because he was a perv like that, and the digimon he raped had a child. This guy left the digital world never to return after that, and was unable to stop the horror that was his unholy spawn. His child became the evil digimon known as Calamitousmon. Calamitousmon has enslaved 1 fourth of the digital world. That creepy guy was telling us how he used to be a digidestined like us, but calamitousmon killed his digimon, so he was sitting here waiting for someone to tcome to the digital world to save it. And he says were the best hes ever seen, or something along those lines."

The three of you decide that You get to pick first since you have goggles, Claude picks second because he is a man, and Sonia picks last because shes a woman.

Here are your choices:
~~Reknamarken999~~I'm coming home, oh yeah, I'm coming home
FAILURE - It's called Bruins

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