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User Info: y2jocelyn

7 years ago#1
I installed the game on my laptop, which busted. I bought a new laptop. Can I re-download the game to this new laptop, or do I have to purchase the game again to install it to the new laptop?

User Info: Necronious

7 years ago#2
You don't even have to purchase the game to download it in the first place. It's how I tested it and I let two friends test it on my account before buying. Anyone can download the software.

User Info: y2jocelyn

7 years ago#3
How do you just download the software? I go to the official site and it asks me which I want to buy, the standard or special edition. How do I download the program for free?

User Info: Phatalbum

7 years ago#4
Go to the games site and log in.

Click the support tab and download should be an option. I'm not even sure if you need to be logged in really.

User Info: IOError

7 years ago#5
Yup, no login required. :) I used this feature a little bit ago to prepare a computer for my buddy, who wanted to try out one of my Guest Passes - I downloaded and installed the client ahead of time, so when he was ready to try (and create his own account) the game was already done.

So install it on as many computers as you like; it's the user login that makes it all work.

User Info: twylight777

7 years ago#6
I have steam on 3 computers - play STO from all of them
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User Info: nailfoot

7 years ago#7

Another aspect to this is you can copy the client across a network. I have downloaded the client one time, and copied it to mulitple computers as it takes 20 minutes or less to copy, and 6 hours or more to download.

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