What is the fastest way to get Dilithium?

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User Info: ReptilesBlade

5 years ago#1
I have a Federation Engineer at level 50 with a Galaxy-R fully equipped with the best Mk XI gear, same as my character and away team.

What is the fastest way to accrue Dilithium?
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User Info: Taikutsuna

5 years ago#2
My pve grind because I don't do pvp

investigate officer reports - 1440 dilithium. I search "quickie" mission to finish this fast.
history 102: alpha quadrant midterm - 480 dilithium. I have the sto wiki lore page ready.

explore strange new worlds - 1440 dilithium
chart b'tran cluster (vice admiral) - 1440 dilithium
I do these two together because they stack.

aiding the defari - 1440
rescue defari captives - 480
emancipation - 480
all 3 are within the orellius sector block

traelus system: satellite repair - 480
defense contract - 480
sh'mar defense signal - 480
found within eta eridani sector block.

Repeat with other characters and also continuously send your doffs on missions while you sector travel.
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User Info: HeWhoYerfs

5 years ago#3
Buy some spare Contraband off the exchange as well. From what I'm told it's a 24 hour timer on the doff assignment to turn it in but it's an easy 2,000 dilithium whenever it comes up.
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User Info: HappyHappyJoyJoy

5 years ago#4
Get a klingon and run Sorties. Between the repeatables and the daily it's easy dilithium (hair pullingly boring after a while though).

User Info: Zorlac

5 years ago#5
The kerrat warzone is by far the fastest.
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User Info: DarkPalestine

5 years ago#6
Not anymore, War Zones is getting nerfed in the patch.

Here's what I do, aside from war zones:

Turn over Contraband: 2000 dil for 3 contraband, which works out to 60k EC or so on exchange, maybe less if you watch for deals. But you can get it through several Doff missions as well for free.

Daily Report: 1440 dil - Do the broken console missions, takes 30 s.

SFA event - Boring, but you can get up to around 4000 dil in an hour

B'Tran - You have to get through story missions to unlock it, but combined with explore new worlds it nets you close to 3000 dil.

SFA History Midterm - 480 dil - google for the answers

and that's all. I also dismiss all the doff officers I get from recruiting missions, that's 75 dil per white, 150 for greens.

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