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User Info: labrosse33

9 years ago#1
hey everyone

I was just wondering what control scheme y'all use for this game. I myself don't have a gamepad so I have to go with the keyboard. First time I installed it I tried the default scheme but it seemed very weird using Z to go forward and Q and D to go left/right etc. (I dont like to use the arrows cause I like to have the mouse to look around.) So now I use a custom control scheme (FPS style) with WASD to move, LSHIFT and CAPSLOCK to steer up/down and Q and E to look left/right. Problem with it is controlling planes and choppers because you have to perform all the actions with only 4 fingers so it gets very tricky to fight with the hydra and control it flawlessly at the same time.

Now I just figured out it would be better to let go the mouse while flying aircrafts and use the arrows as secondary controls to steer up/down and look left/right.

Anyone else had to redefine controls many times to feel really comfortable with this game?
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User Info: spaceeinstein

9 years ago#2
I redefined my controls to Vice City's controls. Vice City's controls were good so I don't know why Rockstar decided to ditch that.
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User Info: glenster

9 years ago#3
I go for the VC WASD setup and don't use the mouse for steering bikes or
aircraft. All I remember changing was that I made Left Shift Run/Horn and made
Spacebar Jump.

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