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User Info: mpkiller77

9 years ago#1
how can i get my songs in it???
i knew before, but i havent played it since last October.
i uninstalled it that's why.

Please Help,

User Info: mpkiller77

9 years ago#2
i know you have to put the shortcuts in a game file in My Documents.
but i cant find that file.
i barely istalled this game today.
i still havent played it.
is that why???

Please answer ASAP,
your answer will be appreciated.
Thank You

User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
9 years ago#3
From the sticky

My Documents>GTA San Andreas User Files>User Tracks

You can put shortcuts to the songs/mp3s or the mp3s themselves. just keep the filenames relatively short (just the artist and song name) or the user track player won't play them.

User Info: Klasj

9 years ago#4
Also, don't forget to go into the options screen and scan for user tracks.
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User Info: HyronimusET

9 years ago#5
i'm having a similar issue...on my main pc i put the shortcuts in the user track folder, i scan them, and when i try playing them on the user track in game all i get is commercials.

I've tried so many different things and nothing has worked. I installed it on my other pc and the user track player worked i'm kinda stumped...anyone have suggestions?

User Info: s3mp3rf1

9 years ago#6
I was having a similar problem. From what I can tell, SA only easily recognizes .mp3 files. If you have so much as a single .wma file in the user tracks folder, the only thing you'll get are commercials. Clear out everything that isn't an actual .mp3, and then go back in, scan the tracks again, and give it a shot. Worked for me.
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User Info: mr_exciting

9 years ago#7
I just got the game to play my m4a files, which is what I encode my songs for my ipod into. I had to download a codec, but once that's installed it's fine - I was reading somewhere that as long as you have codecs installed for all of your files, the game has no problems playing them. I'm working on getting an in-car dvd player for my passengers... stay tuned!
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User Info: GonzoGuy

9 years ago#8
I would go with the combo of the suggestions here. Put mp3s in the usertracks folder, go to audio options to scan the usertracks (I have to do this every time I start the game, do yous?), and I think there's another field you have to click to enable user tracks in the audio options just above the scan option.
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