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User Info: PChapin

5 years ago#1
Hey guys, I just finished playing this on PC after playing it several times on the PS2. I kept the Frame Limiter off even after I noticed it was causing glitches because 25 FPS is yucky. Some of the problems I noticed were:

-Cars handled differently. I noticed that with Frame Limiter on, I could turn 180 degrees with a handbrake turn, but with it off I could barely get 90. Cars just couldn't turn as sharply. But strangely enough, it never stopped me from completing any of the driving missions with ease. In fact, many of them were easier than I remember them being on the PS2. For example, I had no trouble keeping up with Freddy in "OG Loc" or Tenpenny in "End of the Line," I beat the two racing missions in the countryside in one try each, and not only did I beat "Monster" on my first try, but I got a time that was minutes faster than I'd ever gotten on the PS2 (4:31). It's almost like the car handling isn't "worse" at all, just "different"--at the end of the day, it's no worse than the vehicles in Half-Life 2.

-The next thing was a little more hindering, however. I found the game became unpredictable on whether it would let me move while aiming two-handed weapons like the M4 and MP5 (this was after achieving Hitman skill level with all of them). Sometimes it would let me, but only if I started by going in a diagonal direction--so if I pressed D, I wouldn't move, but if I pressed W and D, I'd start moving, then I could quickly let go of W to move right. But sometimes the game locked even that up, and I was never able to figure out exactly what caused it (except that it was related to Frame Limiter, because when I turned that off the issue disappeared). The result was that certain missions turned this into a Resident Evil game, because I had to stand stock still in order to aim. (Yet, again, it was never bad enough to stop me beating the game.)

-Also, like a lot of you it seems, I couldn't dive with it on. I only had to turn it on for this reason for one mission, however, and that was "Amphibious Assault" and the prerequisite lung training. For the rest of the game, I was allowed to swim along the surface, which seemed to work alright except that CJ swam a lot slower than I remember.

-I noticed that CJ sang more often. I barely ever heard him sing on the PS2, but here I heard it quite a bit, even when I hadn't let go of the controls.

-In "Fender Ketchup," Johnny started screaming as if I were approaching top speed as soon as my wheels hit the asphalt, and didn't stop until the mission was over--the result being that he sounded like one of those hostages from Vice City. It was kind of disappointing, because it meant I missed all his other dialogue--if I hadn't played PS2 first, I'd think he was just programmed to scream like a hostage.

Probably other stuff to that I don't remember.

So, what oddities have you guys noticed relating to turning Frame Limiter off? Since I already beat the game, this isn't really a help topic, rather I'm hoping to get a complete (as far as can be done) list of all the glitches and oddities that Frame Limiter causes, so that I and other players can be prepared for them in future no-Frame-Limiter runs.

(Although if you DO have advice on the above, I'd like to hear it. Especially the aiming thing, that was annoying.)
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