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If you would like to look at some more benchmarks for comparison purposes by yourself, the follwing sites are worth a look:

I've compiled a few decent reviews here:

PCI-E Comparison Chart: Winter 2005

AGP comparison: summer 2005

AGP update (7800GS):

7900/7600 review:

X1900XTX review

Most things are covered there apart from the really old cards which really aren't worth bothering with for this game anyway. If it isn't covered in there somewhere, it isn't worth mentioning.

To summarise the cards in order:

Very High End (expect at least 1280*1024, max AA or HDR etc)

ATi: X1900XTX, X1900XT, X1800XT
Nvidia: 7900GTX/GT, 7800GTX 512

High End (expect 1280*1024 some AA, mostly max)

ATi: X1800XL, X850 series, X800Pro (unlocked)/XT/XL
Nvidia: 7800GTX 256, 7800GT/GS, 6800Ultra/GT, 7600GT

High-mid range (expect 1024*768, some AA mix of medium and max settings

ATi: X800 (unlocked)/GTO,
Nvidia: 6800

Mid range (expect 1024*768, medium settings, no AA)

ATi: X700Pro, X800 vanilla, X1600, 9800XT
Nvidia: 6800XT, 6800 vanilla, 6600GT

Low, budget range (expect 800*600, low medium or worse)

ATi: X1300, X600, X300, 9600
Nvidia: 6200 or anything 5 series (though the latter woud be extremely weak and may not run at all).
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