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The easiest way to find out your specs is to go to


and then type


On the first page, it will tell you your processor and RAM, then if you move to the display tab, it will give you the model of your graphics card. These 3 things are the most important when asking me to help.

If you want to upgrade, you may also want to consider downloading this useful program (Everest Ultimate Edition) from here:

It will tell you about all the detailed specifications of your computer, including expansion slots and motherboard model, which you need to tell me if I am to recommend suitable upgrades.

However, this is a RESTRICTED VERSION.

Therefore, you can't monitor your temperatures. Symptoms of overheating include odd colours (artefacts) and impromtue shut downs. For that, if you are an Nvidia User, I suggest you use this tool:

or if you are an ATi user, you can use this tool:

Go to "Monitoring Graphs" under Hardware to access.

A secondary useful feature of the program is the fact that it can tell you your motherboard model number (found under motherboard, obviously) and also your expansion capabilities. I will need to know which slot you have for graphics card upgrades. To find this, go to

Computer>DMI>BIOS>Expansion Capabilities

You will have a choice of either PCI, AGP or PCI-E.

The best card you can get for PCI is the 5700LE/9250 though these are old, outdated and will only manage low. I also thought there was a 6200 PCI, but can't find one any more.

The best card you can get for AGP is currently the X850XT PE or 7800GS as an Nvidia equivalent.

The best card to get for PCI-E is the 7900GTX (512MB) or X1900XTX for ATI (a bit better) and will max this game and still average well over 60FPS at all times. The best value for many people however would be the 6600GT or perhaps the X800GTO for those with slightly smaller budgets!

If you don't want to use that program, then please use

SiSoftSandra which can be found here:

This also has stress tests to check for overheating or power issues and info about you whole comp (including expansion - just go to PCI/AGP/PCI-E bus info).

It's an excellent alternative.



Having updated drivers is extremely important and can help performance and sometimes compatibility and graphics issues. The latest drivers can be found in the following locations:

Ati Catalyst 6.3


Nvidia 84.21

These will get updated regularly, so keep checking the homepages for ATi, Nvidia and then any other third party drivers you wish to use to see if there are any updates. Another thing to bear in mind here is that some graphica issues or crashes may not be related to this, and you may just have to wait for a patch.

Common problems of screen tearing (which can be fixed by vertical sync), odd colours - often caused by overheating and immediate shutdowns or lock ups (due to insufficient power supplies) are usually easily solved with some small changes.
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