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Anything with 512 RAM and just scraping the low requirements should expect a lot of stuttering and jumpy frame rates at resolutions no higher than 800*600.

Such set ups might include:

2.0Ghz P4, 512RAM, fx5700/9600
Celeron 2.4, 512 RAM, 6200 PCI

You'll be needing a gig of RAM to run this nicely and more couldn't go to waste, but you are looking at medium settings on the following rigs.

2.5Ghz P4, 1024 RAM, 6600
2800+, 1024 RAM, X700Pro

If you up your graphics card, you might be getting something slightly better than that and might want to start thinking about higher resolutions and AA. For example:

6600GT, 9800Pro, 6800, X800 would help push up the resolution without getting too much performance decrease.

Moving onto higher resloutions and details, you will need a 3.0Ghz or equivalent processor but this is less important than the RAM (at least a gig) or the video card, which needs to be one of the folllowing or above (see point 3 earlier) to get 1280*1024 and all high settings.

X800XT, 6800GT

SLI/Crossfire and very high end cards are what will help you with massive amounts of AA, resolution and HDR.

If you are still lost on what all this means, take a look at the following site:

A very useful comparison site of graphics cards.

If you don't want to listen to me, go here:

to see what that says, but I will warn you that is is somewhat inaccurate and will not really give you a clear indication of how it will run, or the frame rates you are likely to expect!

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