Help me. Weird glitch.

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User Info: y_halo_thar7

9 years ago#1
I was around the Bruma outskirts, and I heard the combat music play but no enemies. I went back into town and the music is still playing. I can't sleep, make potions, or anything. Is there something I can type into the console to help?
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User Info: btoml4

9 years ago#2
Go assault a guard then go to jail, when you come out the enemy should be there.
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User Info: Zuljitt

9 years ago#3
Go into the console, click your character and type "Disable" without the quotes.

Also, it might just be a Clifracer

User Info: Kislath

9 years ago#4
Sometimes you get stalked by someone, but they never catch up to you until you make an area transition. The Lich King of Miscarcand sometimes does this if you go to that ruin before you're supposed to, and Audens Avidius will often stalk you for (game) hours before making his move. The bit about getting jailed and released does indeed work well for fixing this.

Sometimes a wolf or other critter will get stuck someplace while chasing you, but the game will think you're still fighting even after you've left the area. A save/stop/reload will usually fix that just fine.

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