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User Info: j33

9 years ago#1
Hey guys. New to the game, I checked the FAQs briefly but nothing popped up. I've run out of lockpicks, and I can't seem to find anyone who sells them. How do I obtain new ones?

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User Info: in8alpha

9 years ago#2
Join the Thieves Guild. Your contact(s) will sell them.
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User Info: Cybhound

9 years ago#3
Shady sam somewhere outside the imperial city
The thieves guild fences all carry a few lockpicks.
Goblins usually carry a few lockpicks.

But you shouldn't even need a lot of lockpicks learn to listen for the sound the tumblers make when you can lock them in position.(I trained 20 levels security with the same lockpick)
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User Info: Kislath

9 years ago#4
Shady Sam is a guy dressed in black who spends all his time leaning against the outer wall of Imperial City. If you go out the westside gate, by the stables, turn right (north) and walk along the wall. You'll find him soon enough. His prices are a bit high, but he carries the sorts of things you won't find in polite society shops.

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