The best Tes Nexus Mods

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User Info: Dman1130

9 years ago#1
I just wanna know what are the most worthwhile Tes Nexus mods for oblivion ( just game no expansions ) THANKS

User Info: wis3boi

9 years ago#2

some of the ones I'm using:

- sun glare

- clocks of cyrodiil

- sauron's armor

- capes and cloaks

- Bravil Sea Dome

- Adrenaline Oblivion

- Castle Domrose 1.2

- Combat Behavior

- Cutthroat Merchants

- Don't Close my Gates

- Get Wet

- GG_Valeria

- GG_Vincente

- Living Economy

- Inebriation

- Illumination Within

- Natural Interiors

- Myths and Legends weapon pack

- Phoenix Equipment

- Real Lava

- Real Hunger

- Real Sleep

- Sythe mod

- Better Gold

- PJ's Lightning strikes

- Crowded Roads

- Crowded Cities

- Arboretum Bathhouse

- Alive Waters

with these mods, the game feels like a living virtual world...I really suggest all of these. Makes the game what it should have been and now combat isn't so easy. And the towns are much more populated

User Info: Galahaut

9 years ago#3
Atmospheric Dark UI Loading Screens 2.20

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