Pregnancy Mod?! Whoa!

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User Info: jonas66

8 years ago#11
Haha! See, the companion mod idea was just me trying to figure out what to do with it, because it just seemed so Wrong to me to fight sword-battles against orcs with a pregnant lady. I don't think I could actually do it. Funny to see that I'm not the only one.

User Info: bshwalker

8 years ago#12
No fetish here, sorry.
Just a gamer that likes to see the unusual.
She's an archer. If the enemies get too close, I run.
Got a baby to protect you know...


User Info: paradoxworld

8 years ago#13
Can you upload the mod, bsh?
You can fly your horse into the world trade center.

User Info: paradoxworld

8 years ago#14
Or if you think you will get in trouble by the ToS, email me the link at
You can fly your horse into the world trade center.

User Info: Xeno_Predator

8 years ago#15
Er... being pregnant doesn't break the TOU.
Oh, the wit!

User Info: AtmosOmega

8 years ago#16
It was "ToS" before GS got here dagnabbit!
State of the Gaming Industry: "If you can make millions selling a shiny, but crappy game, why make a good game?"

User Info: bshwalker

8 years ago#17
Sorry i haven't checked this thread for a few days.
Let me try to find it, because it wasn't easy.
I can tell you that I got the link from Tesnexus. It was called "Preg".

Now here is the thing--
It is a very small part of a larger Mod called "Bondage". It is primarily a kinky (Disturbing imo) mod that focuses on various bondage and xxx positions.
You'll get 2 spells to cast on npcs and 2 crystal balls that you can cast on others. You will also get a chest in "A Fighting Chance" In the Imperial Market District.
The preg skin is in the chest along with a gag ball, a stuck out tongue, and a weapon.
You don't have to activate the spells of course and you can destroy the crystal balls.

Like I said, the mod is VERY weird, but to each his own.

The other thing is that the link you go to is like some kind of Russian dating site and it's in Russian. I don't speak Russian so it took me a bit of time to get it to download.

I'll try to get the direct link for ya.

Actually, it is a very good skin and looks very real. I would like to make an actual skin/body and make specific clothing to go with it.
I had a pretty elaborate storyline in mind and needed a skin to work with. This one was perfect.
Since this thread started, I've been using the preg mod and it still stresses me out.
But I've been have a great deal of fun with it.
I hope you find the same added sense of protection that I do!
Makes the game a different experience at times.


User Info: bshwalker

8 years ago#18
Here you go-

You can also type in "Preg" at Tesnexus and see the thread. My name is Moxica over there and you can see how I was helped to get the mod.
Let me know what you think and how it goes.


User Info: Harie0

8 years ago#19
It doesn't surprise me that Oblivion has a Pregnancy Mod. For one, Morrowind got one.

User Info: paradoxworld

8 years ago#20
Ah ok. I just downloaded it and it is actually very fun to play with. Adds a whole other element to Oblivion lol.
You can fly your horse into the world trade center.

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