help with MMM and OOO?

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User Info: Vendayn

8 years ago#1

so here is my load order with everything working fine:

Oscuro's overhaul.esm
Living Economy.esm
Oscuro's overhaul.esp
Harvest Flora.esp

without it working (it starts to load, then crashes with no error report most of the time. I use BOSS to organize the mods, archive invalidated and fallout mod manager)

Oscuro's overhaul.esm
MMM for OOO.esm
Living economy.esp
Oscuro's overhaul.esp
MMM for OOO.esp
MMM addition enemy vars.esp
MMM diverse creature skins.esp
MMM gems and gem dust.esp
MMM hunting and crafting.esp
MMM looting NPCs and creatures.esp
MMM durability and damage.esp
MMM spawn rates increased.esp
MMM more wilderness life.esp
MMM diverse imperial armor.esp
MMM city defense.esp
harvest flora.esp

I'm guessing OOO doesn't like some of the MMM mods I have. But I deactivated each one of the MMM.esps and it still crashed. I have to deactivate ALL the MMM files (including the .esm) for the game to start up and work.

with the mmm.esm file that I didnt have at first, the game loads. But when I get to the character creation screen the game crashes. All the texture/sound/mesh folders are correct. MMM did ask me to override some OOO files...but I also tried overriding those again with OOO files and nothing hcanged.

Any help? Thanks :)

Oh does MMM just not work with OOO? I don't want to use FCOM, thats too much...but OOO just by itself I dont like either.

User Info: Vendayn

8 years ago#2
okay, I can use all the MMM files now...but it crashes right before it gets to the char select. I skip the opening scene and it crashes, I also have an autosave a few seconds into the game (character already made) and it auto crashes on that too...right before I see any graphics.

Using the oblivion mod manager, I used that to activate the archive...I unchecked "only include files which already exist in a BSA archive and unchecked only include files with matching extensions."

This let me use all the MMM mods, but it still crashes at char screen. My game is fully patched as well.

User Info: Vendayn

8 years ago#3
deactivated all MMM mods and it works.

Deactivated only OOO mods and it crashes.

Hmm...I have the folders for MMM, I'll try overriding them even though I did that already...I wonder why MMM isn't working for me.

User Info: Vendayn

8 years ago#4

oh and I thought I typed it in, but I DO have the Marts mutant mod.esm...its not listed in the OP post.

User Info: super_burb_zap

8 years ago#5



MMM Optional plugins.
MMM itself.

Try that, because I didn't see where you put the MMM Esm.
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