Changing Major Skills

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User Info: BowlingBadger

8 years ago#1

I figured out how to change my major skills, but I still want to put all my skills back to where they were. It isn't hard to do, but I have to go in a full circle if what the skill is at is higher than what my skill already was. Once the skills gets to 255 by cheating, it goes back to 0. The problem with this is that when I do this to my major skills, it's like I can level up hundreds of times. So does anyone know if there is a way to put your major skills up without it adding to your levels?

User Info: myztikrice

8 years ago#2
If you're changing your major skills through the showclassmenu command, right before you click the final OK to change your class, open the console and then save the game. When you reload your class will have changed while your skill levels stay the same.

Using the command player.setav skillname # will also let you change any skill without it affecting your level-up progress.
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User Info: BowlingBadger

8 years ago#3

Thanks for your help.

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