Daedric Gauntlets

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User Info: LeftOffTheArk

8 years ago#1
I'm sorry if I missed some answer to this, but I did try to find similar topics and checked all the top posts.

I have a problem with daedric gauntlets. They never appear in an inventory. Even with the command console, after I add it, it's treated like I have it but it doesn't appear in my list. I've even used commands to put it on an NPC who then equipped them, but when looting him they did not appear. I know it acts like I have it because when I do player.removeItem it shows that I did have a set.

I do have many mods on my game like any sensible pc player but relatively few compared to many. Earlier in my game before most mods, I had placed bound equipment in my inventory and upon seeing I couldn't remove them as if from the spell I removed them. I thought this might be related but I can see every other piece of daedric equipment.

Again, I'm sorry if there's some obvious answer I missed, and my thanks to any help at all.

User Info: WhereAreCookies

8 years ago#2
if you have alot of items in your inventory or in a container, the game won't show you some items. to fix this, just clear out some space.

User Info: LeftOffTheArk

8 years ago#3
Thanks for trying, but nope. I can have next to nothing in my inventory and they still do not appear.

User Info: Mad_Scientist0

8 years ago#4
Hrm. What mods do you have installed?
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User Info: WhereAreCookies

8 years ago#5
if it is some other type of display bug, then removing it from your inventory and then re-adding it might do something.

player.removeitem 00036358 9999
get out of console, see if your encumbrance has changed, then:
player.additem 00036358 1

User Info: LeftOffTheArk

8 years ago#6
The item is treated as in my inventory in all ways except appearing in inventory list. I used the code
player.additem 0000c582 1 (i think, I'm doing this off memory)
It acts like I picked them up, and I can't currently check if it adds to my weight. When I use the same command on an NPC they will equip the gauntlets, and should I loot their body they do not appear. When in oblivion I can never loot gauntlets off of the daedra either. When I use the removeitem code it acts like it did remove something from my inventory, giving the proper count.

I tested it out and it happens even in a fresh game.

As for what mods I have: I can't think of them all but
-unofficial Oblivion patch
-Kvatch rebuilt (I do not use the OOO compatible version as for some reason my game will crash and has yet to do so on the regular)
-Many of the realistic weapon sets
-several armor sets (dreadweave, sauron, blade ceremonial)
-Gate to Aesgaard 1 and 2
-The Lost Spires
-Natural Habitat/weather/water
-a few houses (using base game content)
-custom race fix
-a few custom races (mystic elves, and personal attempts)
-the custom menu (can't recall the name but I got this after the problem)
Most of them fairly standard, I haven't run into any other gameplay issues.

In the past I did install Oldblivion but I properly uninstalled it

User Info: sinfulGrimoire

8 years ago#7
you MIGHT have something in a mod or whatnot that has replaced or removed the inventory data for Daedric Gauntlets... it's possible, I think. I have no idea really, as I've never had a problem such as this.

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