FCOM Missing Mesh

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User Info: Destiny1773

8 years ago#1
I've run into a few missing meshes with FCOM. I think I've installed everything correctly and I also added the FraNewItems.BSA to my Oblivion.INI. The missing meshes I've found are for an iron rapier and composite boots. Please help me figure out what to do.
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User Info: xnxv

8 years ago#2
Not sure if this will help, but did you try the other method of keeping that .bsa file loaded:

- create a blank .esp in Wrye Bash
- rename the blank .esp to Oblivion.esp
- rename FraNewItems.bsa to Oblivion - FraNewItems.bsa
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User Info: Glockass1

8 years ago#3
I'm sure you followed the full-of-mistakes beginner's guide. The problem is with OOO. You downloaded 1.3. You need 1.33 Try this:


Download this:OOO_133_Complet...tup.exe
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User Info: Bane_v2

8 years ago#4
I've got some missing meshes as well by following the FCOM cheat sheet. I've come across one bow and one dagger so far.

Also, the Reinforced Chain Cuirass and the Decorated Fur Cuirass are invisible which is strange because I've seen both in-game before. I did turn on AA and AF in the nVidia control panel recently, I wonder if that is the cause for the invisibility?

Since I don't use any of the things not working correctly I haven't worried about it much.

User Info: Destiny1773

8 years ago#5
I thought I was supposed to have version 1.34 beta 5.
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User Info: treetop

8 years ago#6
you do need that version, and the beginners guide doesn't point to 1.30 - it's link is just dead.

something didn't get installed right, if you're having trouble, just test each mod as you install it, then activate them all with the fcom mods when you get everything installed right.

User Info: Bane_v2

8 years ago#7
I got some help with this on the Bethesda forums.

I renamed "FraNewItems.BSA" to "DLCShiveringIsles - FraNewItems.BSA" which forced the game to load the file. I no longer have any missing meshes.

I followed the FCOM Cheat Sheet and downloaded the Frans New Items exe installer linked on it. If you or anyone else did the same this will most likely work for you as well (as long as you have Shivering Isles that is).

User Info: Destiny1773

8 years ago#8
What Bane_v2 did work.
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