Creating a Hot Character?

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User Info: jimboa20

8 years ago#1

Yes, I know how incredibly geeky and basement-dwelling-ish this thread is going to sound, but just bear with me. I have Oblivion basic, without the expansion. I'm creating a female character and I'm trying to make her as pleasing to look at as I can, but I can't seem to get her face right. I can get the shape almost right (but not quite), but the skin complexion is always a mess no matter how much I try to play with the settings.

Then I see characters created by other people that make me feel like a retard characters like these:

I'd go on, but the point is, my characters almost always end up looking like either butterfaces, or semi-hot women with a bad complexion/acne problem. Can anyone help? Also, tips on how to make things better?

User Info: jimboa20

8 years ago#2

I meant, without the expansions. Yes, I know there's more than one :P

User Info: Cynghanedd

8 years ago#3
Post some screenshots of your attempts so we can see what you're doing wrong.
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User Info: TMG2186

8 years ago#4
Is that an Armor Mod on the second one?

The armor looks awesome. She's also the 'hottest' of the three...the third one looks a bit...brown. And you know what else is brown...

User Info: lordoperu

8 years ago#5
Their are several face mods that help. They don't magically make it so every character you have is hot, but they do ease the pain of character creation a little (I think.) ------->Face Textures. Should help with the acne and wrinkles ------->Number feedback, should help recreate things in the future if you do strike gold. ------------->Face pack, if you just throw in the towel.

Also, if you do throw in the towel, you can always find a save game, or even a mod, and import the face from their. I forgot how to do it, but I think it involves using wyre bash.

A lot of it is also just getting used to the face editor. There was a really good tutorial, but I couldn't find it.

There are also ways to import faces from real life. >_>
Basically, you use that tool to analyze a photo, and then recreate the slider settings of that tool in oblivion.

User Info: glymfeather

8 years ago#6
Well, I think the youtube video is showing some kind of race mod, a "human" race, or possibly heavy use of cosmetic mods (body mesh, new textures, new hair, new eyes). The second link looks like a Mystic Elf and the third one I'm not sure about.

The first thing I'd look into (if you're on a PC) is getting some serious cosmetic mods.
- new body: maybe Exnems, or EyeCandy.
- new face textures: Natural Faces, Improved Facial Textures or Danis13 Beauty Faces.
- and maybe some race mods like Ren's Mystic Elf or the Cute Elf (depending upon taste)

If you're not on PC, you're kinda out of luck. The default races/textures are honestly just really ugly.

But, yeah. Figured I'd get in a serious, possibly helpful answer before the flaming starts.

User Info: jimboa20

8 years ago#7

Here's a facial screenshot:

Sorry for the inventory shot, I haven't figured out how to see the front of my character without using the inventory or waiting five minutes for the camera to go into idle mode.

User Info: Narzhul

8 years ago#8
Honestly you guys? I don't see why people keep saying it's Oblivion that's making it hard. This thing is like drawing, some people are good at it, some people aren't. You should just keep making characters, experiment, know what happens to other sliders when you move another, et cetera, and you'll get used to it.
And no, there's nothing wrong with Vanilla, except the female body looks manly, and the hairs make characters look homely. So basically, the only thing I can tell you is get HGEC and Hair packs like Saram or Corean.

Do not get custom races just to randomize or use default faces. You will definitely end up thinking about how generic your character really is after seeing a billion screenshots with characters looking exactly like yours. Use custom races if you find they have reasonably attractive features that can't be changed, like lips or eyebrows or something.

User Info: jimboa20

8 years ago#9

Narzhul posted...
You will definitely end up thinking about how generic your character really is after seeing a billion screenshots with characters looking exactly like yours. Use custom races if you find they have reasonably attractive features that can't be changed, like lips or eyebrows or something.

I just want some tips on how to use the damn sliders to make my character more attractive; honestly, I don't care if she ends up looking like a billion other screenshots online, just as long as she's nice to look at. Whether she's a custom race or a default race, I just want a character that is beautiful/hot. If I'm going to be using a character for hours on end, I'd like her to be extremely nice-looking.

User Info: Narzhul

8 years ago#10
Hey, whatever works for you. For me, repeatedly seeing the same damn faces makes me tired of them, so much so that it makes me unable to bear looking at them, which goes against the very concept of having a tolerable looking character, yes?

Basically what you need to know is that the sliders are all interdependent; Slider X's value might restrict Slider Y's maximum and minimum value(i.e Nose Sellion Region being wide will make Eye Size small regardless of its value); Moving Slider G might move Slider H, but not always by much(i.e even if you pucker her lips, by widening them Oblivion will have to decrease the value of pucker, but only enough to get to the level of widening that you wanted); and others, hence why I said experiment with the sliders. I'm not about to make a huge essay of slider explanation here, so might want to just let other people help through the screenshot.
Didn't see you post the screenshot before by the way. Use the console, type in TFC while in 3rd person mode, and screen shot your character. It would be better if you can include the body as well, to know what size the head is in proportion to the body, and also from different angles of just the faces.
From what I can gather from that particular screenshot though(without knowing the body size), you might want to make the head wider just a tiny bit. Try to get the lips to be closer to the nose (I believe it is face>nose-brow-ratio, nose>up-down, and mouth-chin-distance), get the jaw to concave a bit, make the chin less tall.
The tone slider values that you're using is really weird, did you do that at the end of the sewers or something? For tone sliders, either do it in the prison itself, or outside the sewers in a room with decent lighting (not too bright, not too dim).

Like I said though, more screenshots, different angles, and people might be able to help.
Or, search for Beautiful People 2ch edition and get texture packs from
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