Best magic rings/amulets/armor for a Mage?

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  3. Best magic rings/amulets/armor for a Mage?

User Info: TempHPAccount4

7 years ago#1
There are so many magical items in the game that it's hard to decide which ones would be most beneficial for you.

My character has 100 in conjuration, destruction and alchemy.

I use a lot of magic in combat, as well as poisons and arrows, and a little bit of blade.

The two that I have heard about that stand out to me are the Mundane Ring and the Sorcerer's Ring

I have a Breton, so if I get a Mundane Ring, that will be 100% resistance to magic.

Any tips on where to find the Mundane Ring and Sorcerer's Ring, besides on the Camoran guy? (I haven't even started the main quest yet.)

Any tips on Amulets or other items/armor that are really good for a mage?

User Info: Itachi62

7 years ago#2
The Necromancer's Amulet once you complete the Mages Guild, assuming you have the Unofficial Oblivion Patch. Then you can find it in your nightstand. A definite must-have for any mage.

User Info: Superemppu

7 years ago#3
50 in mercantile + Earil's mysteries in Shivering isles = Pretty good change of finding your favourite random loot rings.

You can also get +50 Magicka sigil stones from oblivion gates after your level 17 or higher.
Full set of armor + jewels enchanted with these can give up to 450 more magicka.
666 Karma June 4th 2009
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  3. Best magic rings/amulets/armor for a Mage?

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