Fighters Guild Quest bug (Xbox 360, GOTY Edition)

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User Info: UhClem

7 years ago#1
So, I decided to give Oblivion another play-through a couple weeks back, and it's as addicting as it was the first time through.

Unfortunately, it's still got some pretty serious bugs that were apparently never addressed in the patches they put out.

Has anyone gotten nailed with this one, and more importantly, has anyone found a cause or a work-around for this one?

I'm not being given the option to begin the "Stone of St. Alessia" quest in the Fighters Guild storyline.

I've completed all of the available Fighters Guild quests up to this one, and Azzan in Anvil should be giving me a "contracts" option to run this "Stone" quest, but he isn't. And none of the other quest-related guild officials (Oreyn in Chorrol or Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal) have any quests available either.

One thing I did notice is that though according to the walkthroughs I should be either at Guardian or Defender rank at the moment (depending on who I spoke to after the Trolls of Forsaken Mine quest) I'm actually at the Warden rank, in between the two. I'm wondering if perhaps the bug isn't perhaps rank related rather than quest related.

Anyway, I wanted to see if anyone here had any advice. I'm assuming that since I'm playing on the 360 I'll have to begin from an earlier save (a much earlier one, I'm afraid, as I am playing multiple guild/faction storylines at once) but the trick has been figuring out where and when the bug was triggered so I know which save to revert to. So far, none of the saves I've loaded seem to have gone back past the source of the bug.


User Info: Galactic_Venus

7 years ago#2
Try one of the 360 boards.
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User Info: treetop

7 years ago#3
did you finish the trolls in forsaken mine quest?
you have to find dudes journal on a dead body and bring it back to Oreyn.

it's somewhat difficult to locate, IIRC the quest marker doesn't point to where it is exactly.

the quest is a prerequisite, check and make sure if it's in your completed or current log.
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  3. Fighters Guild Quest bug (Xbox 360, GOTY Edition)

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