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User Info: nightcola

4 years ago#1
After playing Skyrim is this still worth playing ? with mods of course. Also which would be better , buy it from a store or buy from Steam ? I'm using the nexus mod manager.
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User Info: GriffinHeart

4 years ago#2
If you like the ES lore, want more open-world RPG gameplay or both, I'd say yes. It came before Skyrim so a few things were still rough around the edges back then. But I still think it's worth it. It's an Elder Scrolls title after all, it's going to give you total freedom, a large land to explore, dungeons to clear, monsters to fight, and lots of items and spells to try. I also like the Shivering Isles, so if you have the expansion it adds even more.

I use Steam almost exclusively since I got a new PC. Your digital copy will never get lost, break or anything like that, will always be up to date, your saves will be kept on the cloud, you won't have to mess with any discs and you'll be able to install it on whatever computer you run Steam from. Steam's only flaw for me is their strict no-refund policy, ie if you buy a game and it doesn't work on your system that's your problem.

Go into it with the right mindset, ie don't expect another Skyrim (or another Morrowind, like people used to).
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User Info: JC_Phoenix

4 years ago#3
Oblivion is definitely still worth playing. Currently there are still patches, DLC and general kinks with papyrus which are making it very hard to make more complex mods for Skyrim, whereas Oblivion already has a large library of great quest and gameplay mods


Too be honest I liked some of the quest mods a lot more than Skyrim as a whole.
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User Info: black spider

black spider
4 years ago#4
I appreciate that Steam-bashing isn't the topic, but I think Griffin's fondness does deserve, shall we say, a form of opposition to balance out the overall picture? Few things are all good or all bad. My attitude towards Steam is overly negative and so it probably fits in quite well with Griff's.

Your digital copy will never get lost, break or anything like that,
Except your copy will be permanently lost if Steam closes and Steam-copies aren't much fun when you lose internet access either. How long can a disk copy survive? Well, I still have my original Half-Life 1 disk. That's ~15 years, isn't it?

will always be up to date,
Whether you want them to be to or not, mind. And yes, Valve *can* force stupid updates onto your game, if they want to (and Steam is running). Remember one of the early Skryim patches that did sod all other than f***ing over LAA-patching and adding the Steam-wrapper to the executable? Yeah?

Good thing those thousands of people weren't asked if they wanted to make their game less stable and overall decrease performance, isn't it? But that's the Steam-approach to patches. Don't tell anyone what the hell is being done to their application on their system and then pretend it's a non-issue if you break things.

your saves will be kept on the cloud,
So how do you perform save edits? Can you imagine modded Morrowind without using Wrye Bash to clean saves every now and again? And if it's just a matter of online storage then there's something called Dropbox, which doesn't have to run in the backgrund at all times for you to use something else that you've supposedly bought.

you won't have to mess with any discs
That's a real mess, isn't it? Putting a cd-like media into something that looks like a cd-player. Of course it's quite possible to make fake digital disks that can fool the disk check of executables but if you want to break Steam-dependency then you have to mess with the executable and then various game tools may well end up not working.

Oblivion Script Extender, for instance, will work fine if you're using a digital mini-image instead of the real disk, but if you crack the executable to bypass Steam, it's going to do all sorts of whining. And for what? Because you don't care to have crapware running whine you're playing?

and you'll be able to install it on whatever computer you run Steam from.
Sure, and that works for a lot of games that you care to play vanilla. But for a game like Oblivion, you'll still have to go searching for all the right mods to make your cloud saves work. Unless you bring an external harddrive with you, that is. And yes, USB3 is *way* faster than Steam downloads and a hell of a lot more reliable too.

Steam's only flaw for me...
Is that I f***ing hate it. I want to manage my games myself, thank you kindly, and Steam is posing a direct threat to that opportunity. I want to control my patch version myself and move up when I damn well please, rather than being forced into updating to a game version that I don't know anything about, and which may have disastrous effects on my saves.

And of course I really f****ing loathe the idea of having an outright DRM-application running whenever I decide to play. It makes me paranoid, makes me feel like I'm being watched. And since that Skyrim-situation, I don't believe for a second that Valve gives a flying f*** about considerations of privacy or private property.

I'm painfully aware that digital downloads are on the rise while physical copies are declining, but that doesn't mean digital publishers have to be goddamn dickheads about doing their thing.
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User Info: GriffinHeart

4 years ago#5
While what you said is right (or right most of the time, as not all patches break the game, most games don't really need or even allow mods and/or save editing, and finding patches for some old games can be a pain nowadays), I think and hope that in the extremely unlikely event that Steam will have to close or somehow discontinue it s services it will "release" all the games one owns DRM-free as some sort of executable/installation program (a la GOG for instance) that you can play on its own and burn/save and use without Steam.
After a thousand battles one only sees death.

User Info: black spider

black spider
4 years ago#6
One can hope, at least.

But you're of course right about Steam being quite useful for a fair few games. Not really the games I play, but still quite a few. As I said, I just really hate the concept of Steam controlling my games. The least they could do is give me a choice as to what version I wish to run and *if* I want a given patch, rather than automatically insisting that everybody must be playing the latest version. It's my game on my computer, after all. It should be my choice.
You want to try your hand at proving why genocide is inherently bad? - OrangeWizard

User Info: GriffinHeart

4 years ago#7
I guess in the end it depends on how much you want/need to fiddle with a game. If you just want to play the damn thing it's hard to beat Steam's convenience (buy, download, play, that's it). If you want to do something more all those services can become nuisances. But not always, I have Europa Barbarorum on the Alex engine and Invasio Barbarorum SAI for Rome Total War, Stainless Steel and Third Age for Medieval 2 and they work like a charm. But this is about Oblivion so yeah.
After a thousand battles one only sees death.

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