Mod to give vendors more gold?

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User Info: artisteman

4 years ago#1
Is there a mod that increases cash with merchants? I pass up a huge number of items because they're worth far more money than the merchants can afford.
When I say increase I mean 10,000 up, because mods like Bobs' Armory puts very valuable items into the game.

User Info: Oddplume

4 years ago#2
What is worth 10k+ that isn't a daedric artifact?
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User Info: crazy4rpg

4 years ago#3
You don't need one.

Just open the console, click the merchant, then type setbartergold <#> (where # equals how much money you want them to have available)

Setbartergold 10000 would set the merchant's barter gold to 10,000 septims.

I think you can also click a merchant and type setAV Responsibility <#> (# = 0-29) to turn them into a Fence. I haven't tested this yet so I don't know if selling to them would affect the Thieves Guild.
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User Info: red255

4 years ago#4

So you lose money, whats the problem? You get at least 1000 per sale if you maxed mercantile + invested or whatever the minimum value is. there are a few merchants that give you 3000 or so.

WHO CARES you are losing the EXTRA amount of whatever. its still enough money to make you filthy rich.
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User Info: artisteman

4 years ago#5
Oddplume posted...
What is worth 10k+ that isn't a daedric artifact?

Oh, let's see...
Imago Storms Boots = 14,100
Ember of Oblivion = 41,325
Ebony Mages' Armor = 14,500
Shield of Mirrors = 20,000
Putrid hand Masters' Robe = 43,045
Helmet of The Mage = 29,600
lexth = 9,200
Gauntlets of Pugilist = 24,050
Fire of Oblivion = 41,900
Flame Ring = 30,040
Lien Valeths' Robe = 41,870

I have many more in my Benirus manor closets and chests that are not Daedric. So, for what I had to battle through to get these and other items I'd like more than "adequate" (actually less than adequate) compensation.
Morrowinds' monetary/barter system made exploring fun and exciting, especially with a scamp merchant that gave 100% of the item value.

User Info: Ningishzida

4 years ago#6
Creeper unbalanced Morrowind, and its unlikely you find him on a blind run without protips.
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