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User Info: remotecar3

4 years ago#1
Recently, my xbox has broken and with it, my Skyrim. I've since taken the time to revisit Cyrodiil and, given that I've played through Oblivion countless times I'm kind of bored of the way it looks and feels.

Basically, I need some mods (given that it is now the PC version :D). If anyone can help me out with this I'd appreciate it. I'm really looking to change the graphics to a more cartoon-y, cel-shade look (nothing near as crazy as borderlands, though), any combat mods that don't incorporate an insta-win button, so to speak, and maybe some city extenders/enhancers. Anything else that you think is worth getting that'd be cool too.

tl;dr I need some mods for Oblivion, Gamefaqs. Bad.
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User Info: joemodda

4 years ago#2
If you want to overhaul your graphics in Oblivion to look more cell-shaded, then look no further than Oblivion Graphics Extender.

If you're looking to overhaul the main cities then check out Better Cities.

There are various combat mods such as Deadly Reflexes, which add kill moves as one feature, or Unnecessary Violence II, which adds some extra moves to incorporate into combat. Not sure if they're compatible or not, but I'm just listing examples.

I think all of these mods can be found on TESNexus, which is pretty much a one-stop site for Oblivion mods!
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User Info: remotecar3

4 years ago#3
Exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you, sir, I will check out those mods and that site.
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