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User Info: VanillaVilla

4 years ago#1
Are there any recommended mods for Oblivion apart from Unofficial patches
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User Info: Oddplume

4 years ago#2
Realistic armor weights, and realistic weapon weighting, (you won't need ridiculous amounts of Strength just to carry ONE set of armor or a standard load out of weapons at higher levels)

Realistic gem and pelt pricing (makes vendor treasure actually worth money, srsly a flawless diamond is the size of your fist and you get a lousy 100 septims for it?)

Archery rebalanced (Makes archery work more like archery rather than like you're using a large slingshot and darts.)

If you have a newer computer or a high res monitor get Dark UId DarN or Darnified UI (It gets rid of that awful Xbox interface for you)

Streamline memory manager (excessive amounts of memory is no excuse to let a game manage what it uses poorly.)

Oblivion Stutter Remover (Only if you don't have the ultimate gaming PC)

Those are the bare minimum I would suggest. I got all of them at Nexusmods. You'll have a relatively unchanged but efficient vanilla experience. Try browsing some of the mod sites for new content.
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User Info: Ningishzida

4 years ago#4
two important utilities:
OBMM (oblivion mod manager)
OBSE (oblivion script extender, many mods need it so install it)

must-have mods:
DarkUId DarN
Oblivion fullscreen windowed
stutter remover, also enable Oblivion to use >2gb, this results in no stutter

must-haves, imo:
Deadly Reflex
Oblivion XP

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