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How do you kill that sand snake?

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  3. How do you kill that sand snake?

User Info: BlackRose203

9 years ago#1
I looked at the walkthrough. There is no way to turn your horse around fast enough to shot it in the eyes. When you start turning the snake turns with you.

User Info: LordLandon

9 years ago#2
Turn yourself and let your horse run free (;

User Info: Mookiethebold

9 years ago#3
Don't turn Agro. Draw your bow, turn, aim, shoot.
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User Info: PMarth2002

9 years ago#4
Just try not to run into anything.

User Info: Battousai X

Battousai X
9 years ago#5
It's good if you face a direction with a large area first, then it's time to draw your bow.
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  3. How do you kill that sand snake?

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